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7.1.1 | Inclusive Communities and Places

7.1 | Regional Quality of Life

Improving quality of life to build and safeguard inclusive communities and places is central to the ambition of the RSES. This will require significant investment in people and in buildings and facilities as well as improvements in the performance and responsiveness of our institutions and processes.

Sustainable communities are safeguarded and built up through the development of social principles based on social capital, needs-based access to services and amenities, equity, transparency, democracy and the development of a collective approach to sustainable living. Affordable housing with availability of mixed unit size and tenure types alongside sustainable modes for the movement of people and goods with parity of access by able and disabled people are among the key principles in strengthening and consolidating functioning communities. The RSES fosters successful neighbourhoods based on the best practice model of “10-minute city” concept and smart growth principles for rural places. The “10 minute city/town” concept is about creating connected communities – understanding how our neighbourhoods work so that we can map out how a more compact and permeable urban form can provide high quality and safe links to public transport, shops, services, green spaces and to other neighbourhoods, reducing the need to travel.

Inclusive communities and places are not conjured up through public policy intervention, nor are they

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