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The provision of houses and stemming decline in our cities, towns and villages are key priorities of the RSES.

Despite these challenges, we are in a position of strength and long-term trends indicate sustained population growth and economic recovery. In any event, we should plan for a more resilient society and the next 20 years present a window of opportunity to address challanges, broaden our economic base and work towards a more sustainable and prosperous region with a high quality of life enjoyed by all. In order to maximise our potential, strategic choices need to be made to ensure long-term beneficial dividends for the Region.

We need to take account of international risks, including climate change and geopolitical uncertainty, such as Brexit. While advances in technology present significant opportunities, it also can pose threats such as the negative impact of online retail on the fabric of our cities, towns and villages. Resilience and adaptability must be watchwords for our Region to ensure we are agile and responsive to change.

The RSES Vision is to:

• Nurture all our places to realise their full potential; • Protect and enhance our environment; • Successfully combat climate change; • Achieve economic prosperity and improved quality of life for all our citizens; • Accommodate expanded growth and development in suitable locations; and • Make the Southern Region one of Europe’s most creative, innovative, greenest and liveable regions.

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