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7.1.4 | Age-Friendly Communities

RPO 182

Ageing Population It is an objective to support Smart Ageing and National Positive Ageing policies and An Garda Síochana Older People Strategy and ensure that local planning, housing, transport/ accessibility and leisure policies meet the needs and opportunities of an ageing population. Local authorities should ensure that the development of housing, transport, accessibility and leisure facilities/infrastructure is informed by an appropriate level of environmental assessment of potential impacts from such development.

In December 2019 Ireland became the first Country in the world to become fully affiliated with the World Health Organisation’s Global Network ofAge Friendly Cities&Communities. At the heart of age friendly communities is an understanding and a commitment tomake great places in which to growold. In response to regional, national, global population ageing, this commitment allows a focus on actions at the local level that foster the full participation of older people in community life and promotes healthy and active ageing. It requires investment in initiatives and infrastructures that care for and value our ageing population cohorts, including the choice of affordable care in the home. The RSES recognises and supports the National Positive Ageing Strategy and the An Garda Síochána Older People Strategy, which will empower people in their own communities. The National Positive Ageing Strategy has a vision that Ireland will be a society for all ages that celebrates and prepares properly for individual and population ageing. It will enable and support all ages and older people to enjoy physical and mental health and wellbeing to their full potential. It will promote and respect older people’s engagement in economic, social, cultural, community and family life, and foster better solidarity between generations. It will be a society in which the equality, independence, participation, care, self-fulfilment and dignity of older people is pursued at all times. The RSES supports the development of Age-Friendly communities including support for Independent Living and Community Facilities as part of Smart Ageing Policy and implementation through Local Community Development Committees and in Local Economic and Community Plans.

RPO 183

Digital Strategies Local Authority Digital Strategies should take account of the ageing population and varying levels of technological know-how and access and should prepare detailed strategies in collaboration with education providers to address training needs and support digital literacy. These strategies should focus on and promote the development of new technologies, interfaces, and methods to address the challenges faced by the ageing population and should prioritise technological solutions that address these challenges. Local authorities and other agencies should prioritise the adoption of technologies that allow for greater access to facilities and services for all citizens regardless of age and technological competency.

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