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RPO 189

Further Education and Training It is an objective to increase the investment in addressing our Region’s educational and skills needs through investment in the higher education and further education and training sector, recognising: a. That the further education sector is a lead contact point for citizens to re-engage with learning and skills development; b. The strong partnerships already evident between the training and education institutions and agencies such as the Regional Skills Fora in addressing development and innovation capacity; c. The important role of the Education and Training Boards in the further education sector, creating a diversity of skills, education, lifelong learning and enabling access to job opportunities for citizens; d. The critical role of higher education in the continued evolution of the Regional effort to identify and address skills gaps, retraining needs, continuing professional development needs, and the future needs for a sustainable, knowledge driven economy.

RPO 186

Lifelong Learning The RSES recognises the value and necessity for lifelong learning. It is an objective to support the further development of the Region as a Learning Region, support the expansion of the Learning City initiative to other urban and rural centres of population and support the initiatives of the Irish Network of Learning Cities and preparation and implementation of a Learning Region Strategy.

RPO 190

RPO 187

Lifelong Learning and Healthy City initiatives It is an objective to: a. Foster an interagency approach to integrating Lifelong Learning and Healthy City initiatives across the Region as essential components as exemplified in Cork and Limerick’s attainment of UNESCO Learning City status and extend theUNESCOLearning City status to Waterford city, to create a regional knowledge triangle as an explicit aim of the RSES; b. Support the Irish Network of Learning Cities and preparation and implementation of a Learning Region strategy.

Education and Training It is an objective to promote co-ordinated investment in infrastructure comprised of regional education and training providers, local government agencies and industry to facilitate a collaborative approach to regional skills development, aligned to the needs and opportunities of regional economies and to promoting lifelong learning to all citizens. Local authorities should ensure that the development of education and training facilities is informed by an appropriate level of environmental assessment.

RPO 188

Regional Skills Fora It is an objective to retain and enhance the Regional Skills Fora as a permanent part of the education and training infrastructure.

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