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National StrategicOutcome


UN Sustainable Development Goals

A Strong Economy supported by Enterprise, Innovation and Skills

5. A Strong Economy Building a competitive, innovative and productive economy.

High-Quality International Connectivity

6. High-Quality International Connectivity Optimising our international

connectivity through investment and increased capacity in our ports and airports and provision of high-quality digital connectivity throughout the Region.

Enhanced Culture, Amenity and Heritage

7. Diversity, Language, Culture and Heritage Enhancement Strenghthening and protecting our Region’s diversity, language and culture, our recreational assets, and our natural and built heritage.

Transition to a Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Society

8. LowCarbon, Climate Resilient and Sustainable Society Safeguarding and enhancing our environment through sustainable development, prioritising action on climate change across the Region, driving the transition to a lowcarbon and climate resilient society.

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