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Key principles in developing the strategy are:

• No place or community is left behind by the RSES. A dual-track strategy is pursued that builds on the cities and metropolitan areas as significantly scaled engines of sustainable growth, and supports competitive advantage by repositioning the Region’s strong network of towns, villages and rural areas in an imaginative, sustainable and smart manner; • The need to provide an adequate supply of quality housing to meet existing and future demand, including addressing the current housing crisis and homelessness; • Invest in and deliver infrastructure to improve the liveability and quality of life of urban and rural areas; • Regenerate and develop existing built-up areas as attractive and viable alternatives to greenfield development; • Use quality urban design to enhance the character of a place and to ensure development is respectful of the existing physical, social, environmental and cultural context;

• Tackle legacy issues, such as concentrated disadvantage in urban areas through social, economic, recreational, cultural, environmental and physical infrastructural regeneration; • Link regeneration and development initiatives to environmental protection and climate action measures; • Provide strong regional policy support for local level policies and initiatives which achieve national policy targets for renewal and compact growth; • Provide strong regional support for policy and local initiatives which restrict urban generated sprawl, strengthen the urban fabric and role of settlements servicing hinterlands, consolidate existing settlements, and protect the environment and resources of rural areas from haphazard, urban-generated housing patterns.

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