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Policy Level

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Cities - Metropolitan Areas

Metropolitan Areas – accessible with national and international connectivity, strong business core, innovation, education, retail, health and cultural role. Large population scale urban centre functioning as self-sustaining regional drivers.






Development Plans Local Area Plans

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Key Towns 6



Development Plans Local Area Plans


Carlow Tralee

Wexford Clonmel

Strategically located urban centres with accessibility and significant influence in a sub-regional context.

Killarney Mallow Nenagh


Newcastle West

Clonakilty Dungarvan


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Towns & Villages

Development Plans Local Area Plans

Towns and villages of above 1,500 which provide a housing, employment or service function. The category is broad and ranges from large commuter towns to more remote towns and villages. Rural villages less than 1,500 and the wider rural region. Groupings of towns and villages (incl. cross boundary) which share geographic, economic, resources and contribute specialisms which if combined provide a strategic opportunity to drive the regional economy.

To be identified in Development Plans

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Rural 7

To be identified in Development Plans

Development Plans Local Area Plans

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Development Plans Local Area Plans

To be identified in Development Plans

6. The Regions network of Key Towns strengthens the urban structure across our Region, align with NPO 7 of the NPF and are a complement to the three pillars of our cities and metropolitan areas which are the primary drivers of population and employment growth in the Region. 7. In identifying settlements under 1,500 as “rural” and above 1,500 as “urban”, the RSES reflects the CSO categorisation of settlements which is contained in the NPF. The NPF separately refers to the categorisation of settlements under 10,000 (Rural Regeneration & Development Fund) and above 10,000 population (Urban Regeneration and Development Fund) relating to eligibility for these funding mechanisms. This separate categorisation does not relate to the objectives in Chapter 3.

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