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The following objectives will apply for each MASP:



Delivery and Funding It is an objective to: a. Support sustainable delivery of the Strategic Investment Priorities identified by the NDP for the Cork, Limerick- Shannon and Waterford metropolitan areas and progress co-ordination between the principal stakeholders for delivery to achieve the vision and objectives identified in each MASP. b. Promote the sustainable implementation of innovative, collaborative projects through the Urban Regeneration & Development, Rural Regeneration & Development, Climate Action, and Disruptive Technologies funds within the Cork, Limerick-Shannon and Waterford Metropolitan Areas.

Investment to Deliver on the Vision for Metropolitan Areas It is an objective to: a. Identify investment packages at national level as they apply to the Cork, Limerick- Shannon and Waterford MASP areas, and seek further investments for each to deliver on the seven Metropolitan Area Goals; b. Prioritise the delivery of compact growth and sustainable mobility in accordance with NPF objectives; c. Ensure the investment in and delivery of the Sustainable Place Framework within each MASP area, delivering quality of place attributes as an incentive to attract people to live, work and visit.


Holistic Approach to Delivering Infrastructure It is an objective to ensure investment and delivery of comprehensive infrastructure packages to meet growth targets that prioritise the delivery of compact growth and sustainable mobility as per the NPF objectives including: Water services, digital, green infrastructure, transport and sustainable travel, community and social, renewable energy, recreation, open space amenity, climate change adaptation and future proofing infrastructure including flood risk management measures, environmental improvement, arts, culture and public realm.

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