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Preface Regional Spatial and Economic Planning are married together for the first time in Ireland in the shape of an implementing strategy for the National Planning Framework (NPF). The Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Region marks this new departure. The RSES provides the framework through which the NPF’s disruptive vision and the related Government policies and objectives will be delivered for the Region. In line with international best practise, the RSES adopts a territorially differentiated and place-based approach to regional planning and economic development. We live in an interdependent, highly connected, modern society, where successful strategy formulation and plan making needs to respond to the needs of citizens, society and the global challenges we face. Planning deliberatively to safeguard our environment and our futures, while keeping to the fore the principle of equality augur’s greater success for us all. In making the RSES, we recognise that effective regional development is about embracing the spatial development opportunities specific to our Region. This requires choices to be made which reflect the differing needs and potential of the Region.

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