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Introduction Waterford is the largest urban centre in the South-East and the State’s fifth largest city and is unique in having a network of large and strong urban centres in close proximity. A port city, it has a diverse industrial and commercial base and has the fifth largest employment base in the State. The attributes of the Waterford Metropolitan Area are its people, its history as Ireland’s oldest city, its maritime location and connections, and its function as the main urban centre in the South-East for business, education, healthcare, retail, leisure and wider public services. The vision for the Waterford MASP is to develop a concentric city both north and south of the River Suir (including areas within County Kilkenny). Development of educational resources and a university in Waterford, recognising the City’s people as the heart of its potential, is key to the vision for the Waterford MASP.

improved regional connectivity to/from Waterford and sustainable mobility across the metropolitan area; enhanced innovation and enterprise supports and infrastructure. Environment The Waterford MASP seeks to protect and enhance the natural environment and provide for the recreational and amenity needs of an expanding population through a focus on provision of public open space, green infrastructure and access to the River Suir and Waterford Harbour. Social Infrastructure The MASP supports ongoing collaboration with regional stakeholders in education, health and community sectors to advance social and economic development, improve educational opportunity and skills development and to ensure adequate resourcing for University Hospital Waterford and public health services.

Integrated Land Use and Transportation

The Waterford Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy which follows the RSES will be instrumental in the regeneration and transformation of Waterford. The development of a concentric city including north of the River Suir - the North Quays and other key locations will be supported by integrated transport investment to create an attractive, liveable city, connecting city and suburbs and building north-south linkages. Housing and Regeneration The Waterford MASP identifies key housing locations including city centre regeneration areas, development of the North Quays, development of under-used land and buildings in inner urban areas and new residential development within and adjacent to the existing built-up area. The MASP will require the provision of public and private housing to meet the diverse needs of a growing and changing population. Employment and Enterprise The MASP identifies strategic priorities which have the capacity to bring about transformational change including, development of the Technological University of the South-East (TUSE); development of the North Quays Innovation District as part of a strategy for an expanded and vibrant city centre; improved international connectivity through the port and airport; expanded capacity of University Hospital Waterford (UHW);

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