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Attributes • Kilkenny’s central location with good road and rail links to Dublin and other key settlements; • Strong international connectivity with direct access routes to the Ports of Waterford, Rosslare and Dublin, and airports at Dublin and Waterford ; • The 8th largest employment centre in the State with strong performance in agri-business, finance and tourism/hospitality; • Growing Regional Centre for Higher Education and Researchwith St. Kieran’s College (part ofMaynooth University), the development of the multi-campus Technological University of the South-East (TUSE); • Development of the ‘Medieval Mile’ which brings together public realm improvements from the Castle and Parade through to Irishtown; • Track record in urban regeneration and compact growth, including development of a master plan for the Abbey Quarter (former Smithwick’s Brewery site); • Recreational assets of the River Nore walking route and development of other walking and cycling routes around the City; • Regional centre for healthcare with St. Luke’s Hospital and Aut Even Hospital serving a wide area of the Region.

Key Infrastructural Requirements i.

Priority transport infrastructure for Kilkenny - enhanced rail services and improved line speeds;


Improved accessibility to the Port of Waterford and Rosslare Europort by road and rail to serve as a viable alternative to Dublin Port; iii. Investment in smarter travel projects in support of the compact ‘10 minute city’ concept; iv. Investment to support city centre regeneration, including development of the Abbey Quarter; v. Upgrading of the water supply infrastructure and additional investment inwastewater infrastructure to support the economic development and anticipated growth of Kilkenny; vi. Continued investment in higher education including development of the multi-campus, TUSE.

RPO 12

Kilkenny City a. To strengthen the role of Kilkenny City as a self- sustaining regional economic driverwith significant zone of influence and Key Town on the Dublin – Carlow-Kilkenny Waterford M9 Road/Rail Axis, with links to the Eastern Corridor. The RSES seeks to leverage its strategic location and accessibility to the Port of Waterford & Rosslare Europort, Waterford Airport and to build upon its inherent strengths including the finance, technology and creative sectors, skills, innovation and enterprise, tourism, and retail services; b. To strengthen a ‘steady state’ investment in existing rail infrastructure and seek investment for improved infrastructure and services to ensure its continued renewal and maintenance to a high level in order to provide quality levels of safety, service, accessibility and connectivity including improved frequency and journey times; c. To support the development of freight rail services and facilities including rail freight links to the ports; d. To strengthen the Education, Research and Innovation Capacity in Kilkenny with ongoing development of St. Kieran’s College and development of the Multi-Campus TUSE; e. To support urban generation through investment in the Abbey Quarter & other initiatives to improve the Public Realm and regenerate underused land

in the City and to support implementation of mitigation from Abbey Quarter Masterplan SEA and AA processes; f. To seek investment in sustainable transport measures through a Local Transport Plan including development of Town Bus Services in support of the Compact ‘10-minute city’ concept; g. To support the delivery of the infrastructural requirements identified for Kilkenny City including the delivery of the northern extension of the ring road from the N77 Castlecomer Road to the R693 Freshford Rd as part of the western by-pass for the city from the Castlecomer Road to the Waterford Road identified as an objective and assessed under the Kilkenny City & Environs Development Plan, subject to required feasibility, planning and environmental assessment processes; h. Support for the City as a ‘Hero site’ within the Failte Ireland’s branding of Ireland’s Ancient East. The ‘Medieval Mile’ package which brings together public realm improvements linking Kilkenny Castle to St Canice’s Cathedral and other significant attractions in between, such as the Medieval Mile Museum, the new Butler Gallery, the Smithwick’s Experience and Rothe House; i. Support for the Quality of Life offer inKilkenny City which is renowned as evidenced in its population growth which exceeded the national average over the period 2006 – 2016.

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