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Carlow a. To strengthen and support the role of Carlow Town as a self-sustaining regional and inter-regional economic driver supporting investment in the strategic employment development potential of the town, while promoting and facilitating economic integration between urban centres in the county including Tullow and Muine Bheag (Bagnelstown), other urban centres within the Southern Region and the Eastern and Midlands Region including the Dublin Metropolitan Area. Subject to the outcome of the planning process and environmental assessments the following are supported: i. To strengthen the regional and inter- regional role of the Education, Research and Innovation Capacity through development of the Multi-Campus TUSE in the provision of internationally recognised higher education and research opportunities which can facilitate transformational change and act as a key driver and enabler for sustainable future employment growth within Carlow and the Southern Region; To support the town centre led economic regeneration of Carlow, leveraging its strategic location and accessibility on inter-regional road and rail networks building upon its inherent strengths of education, connectivity, skills, innovation, enterprise, tourism, culture/ arts and retail services; iii. To improve the public realmand attractiveness ii.

including improved frequency and journey times; To seek investment and support in the delivery of culture, arts, and tourism infrastructure together with other physical and community infrastructural requirements identified for Carlow town and the wider county area; To support development of underused lands along the River Barrow as a strategic natural asset for the town. Any future development of underused lands along the River Barrow or proposals for an additional bridge should be subject to further studies to inform the exact nature and intensity that could be accommodated without giving rise to adverse effects on sensitive Natura 2000 habitats and consider any in combination effects arising from proposals for a bridge.



b. To support the preparation of a cross-boundary Joint Urban Area Plan (UAP) for Carlow Town by Carlow County Council and Laois County Council having regard to its location within the combined functional area of both local authorities. i. The Joint UAP provides a coordinated planning framework to identify and deliver strategic sites and regeneration areas for the future physical, economic and social development of Carlow to ensure it achieves targeted compact growth of a minimum of 30% and ensure a co-ordinated approach is taken to the future growth and development of the town to ensure that it has the capacity to grow sustainably and secure investment as a Key Town. The Joint UAP shall identify a boundary for the plan area and strategic housing and employment development areas and infrastructure investment requirements to promote greater co-ordination and sequential delivery of serviced lands for development. Regard shall be had to the respective housing, retail and other strategies that may be in place. The selection of sites for regeneration and expansion should be supported by a quality site selection process and subject to detailed environmental assessment. This could be achieved through a coordinatedmanagement plan in collaboration between EMRA, Laois County Council, IFI and NPWS that could address the key issues of visitor pressure, supporting infrastructure pressure and management of the spread of invasive species; The Assembly will foster collaboration in the allocation of funds to support and enable cross boundary collaboration in the Greater Carlow and Graiguecullen Urban Area in the delivery of strategic infrastructure; iii. There shall be consistency of approach on land ii.

of the Town Centre through development and connectivity of key urban regeneration locations in the town centre with improved accessibility from the historic town centre to the Railway Station and Fair Green; To seek investment in water and wastewater infrastructure to facilitate the sustainable development of the town as a regional growth centre;



To support delivery of the Southern Relief Road N80 – R448 and completion of the Carlow Southern Relief road to link the N80 within County Laois including the provision of an appropriate crossing of the River Barrow & other transport measures with adjoining local/ regional authorities and stakeholders; vi. To seek investment in sustainable transport solutions, improved walking and cycling connectivity routes throughout the town including provision of a town bus service through a Local Transport Plan; vii. To support the delivery of the infrastructural requirements identified for Carlow subject to the outcome of the planning process and environmental assessments; viii. To strengthen ‘steady state’ investment in existing rail infrastructure and seek investment for improved infrastructure and services along the Waterford to Dublin line to ensure its continued renewal andmaintenance to a high level in order to provide quality levels of safety, service, accessibility and connectivity

use terminology across strategies prepared by Carlow County Council and Laois County Council for the cross-boundary Joint Local Area Plan; The distribution of population between the two local authorities should be decided by both local authorities in the joint local area plan.


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