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Introduction 1

1.1 | What is the RSES? A Regional Spatial and Economic

Waterford and a regional strategy for our Key Towns, towns, villages and rural areas.

The RSES primarily aims to support the delivery of the programme for change set out in Project Ireland 2040, theNational Planning Framework (NPF) and theNational Development Plan 2018-27 (NDP). As the regional tier of the national planning process, it will ensure coordination between the City and County Development Plans (CCDP) and Local Enterprise and Community Plans (LECP) of the ten local authorities in the Region. While informed by national, EU and international policies, the RSES is driven at the local level by elected members, local authorities, stakeholders, community groups and individual citizens who have shaped this shared strategy.

Strategy for the Southern Region The Southern Region faces an era of great change, challenge and opportunity. Over the next 20 years, our population will grow by nearly 400,000, our age profile and our family structures will be transformed. We face rapid global change, technological developments and the dramatic impact of climate change. We need a new approach to manage our future in a planned productive and sustainable way. This document - the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Southern Region (RSES) – is a 12-year strategic regional development framework to guide this change. It establishes a broad framework for the way in which our society, environment, economy and the use of land should evolve. It includes Metropolitan Area Strategic Plans (MASPs) for Cork, Limerick-Shannon and

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