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Key Infrastructural Requirements i. Improving Wexford’s road infrastructure links within the Region, in particular from Rosslare and Wexford to Waterford; Improvements to road connections - M11/M25 from Oilgate to Rosslare, the N30 and N80; iii. Strengthen ‘steady state’ investment in existing ii.

Good connectivity with N11/M11 Motorway to Dublin, National Roads to Carlow, Waterford and Cork/Limerick and Rail links to Dublin; • International gateway for the Region and the State withRosslare Europort, a port of national significance for freight and passenger ferries; • Major employment centre for finance, life sciences, technology, retail and tourism; • Centre for Higher Education with IT Carlow Campus in Wexford Town; • Located in Ireland’s Ancient East, Wexford is an important base for tourists with significant attractors including the National Opera House, Vinegar Hill 1798 Site, Hook Lighthouse, Irish National Heritage park, Dunbrody Famine Ship, and JFK Arboretum, Johnstown Castle Estate; • Recreational Assets of extensive coast and access to beaches, Wexford Trails, Norman Way; • Regional Centre for Healthcare with Wexford General Hospital & Ely Hospital;

rail infrastructure to ensure its continued renewal and maintenance to high level in order to provide quality levels of safety, service, accessibility and connectivity; Significant investment in port facilities at Rosslare Europort to accommodate larger RORO ships, improved capacityand facilities for freight handling (including rail freight) and improved amenities and services for passengers at the terminal;



Investment to support development of Trinity Wharf as a Strategic Employment Location; vi. The upgrading and development of water supply and additional investment in wastewater infrastructure to support the economic development and anticipated growth of Wexford.

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d. To support development of additional capacity at Rosslare Europort and provision of freight rail services and facilities to support sustainable increases in port operations; e. Support development of theWexford Campus as part of the Multi-Campus TUSE is as a key driver for the economic and social development in the town with a focus on educational attainment and lifelong learning; f. To support the delivery of the infrastructural requirements identified for Wexford subject to the outcome of the planning process and environmental assessments; g. To improve the public realm and attractiveness of the Town Centre through urban regeneration of key locations; h. Transport measures through a Local Transport Plan including retention and expansion of the town bus network, improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure and rural transport services into the town.

Wexford a. To strengthen the role of Wexford as a strategic location, a self-sustaining regional economic driver and Key Town on the Eastern Corridor. The RSES seeks to leverage its strategic location and accessibility to Rosslare Europort and to build upon its inherent strengths including digital connectivity, skills, innovation and enterprise, tourism, culture and retail services; b. To develop supporting industrial, commercial infrastructure and residential development in Wexford Town for the port function at Rosslare Europort; c. To strengthen ‘steady state’ investment in existing rail infrastructure and seek investment for improved infrastructure and services including increased line speeds to ensure its continued renewal and maintenance to a high level in order to provide quality levels of safety, service, accessibility and connectivity including improved frequency and journey times;

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