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• Important Regional Centre forHealthcarewith South Tipperary General Hospital and St. Luke’s Psychiatric Hospital located in the town.

Attributes •

Strategic location on the Waterford-Limerick N24 and rail corridors with onward inter-regional linkages to Mid-West and South-West; • Good access to Cork, Dublin, Shannon andWaterford Airports; • Good international connectivity with direct access routes to the Ports of Waterford and Rosslare to the east and Limerick-Foynes and Port of Cork to the west/south-west; • Key support role of Clonmel to Waterford; • Major employment centre with total jobs of 7,306 in 2016, including 3,500 FDI jobs and diverse employment sectors including Pharma, Life sciences and Food; • Strategic employment land banks including Ballingarrane Park; • Centre for Higher Education at the LIT Clonmel Campus; • Retail centre for the surrounding towns and hinterland area; • Tourist centre for Ireland’s Ancient East andMunster Vales located on the River Suir Blueway and close to attractive upland and mountain scenery in the Knockmealdown Mountains; • Recreational assets of the River Suir Blueway and surrounding mountains;

Key Infrastructural Requirements i. Need to upgrade the N24 linking Limerick and Waterford to enhance east /west connectivity, which will be of benefit to Clonmel as a regional town; Investment in infrastructure on the Limerick- Waterford rail line to enable increased line speeds and frequency of services; iii. Enhanced provision of bus services to enable improved inter-regional connectivity; iv. ii. Transport measures through a Local Transport Plan including continued investment enhancing sustainable transport modes, particularly walking and cycling in the town; Urban regeneration funding package to develop a 4.5ha town centre site (Kickham Barracks) to enhance the Main Street area; vi. Economic funding package for the further development of Ballingarrane Park as a strategic employment location for Clonmel; vii. Delivery of planned new water treatment plant to boost water supply for the town. v.

RPO 17

Clonmel a. To support Clonmel as a self-sustaining regional economic driver and as a key location for investment and choice in the Region, to support the enhanced development of Clonmel based on its strategic location relative to Limerick-Shannon, Cork and Waterford MASP areas, as well as its role as a centre of employment and economic activity within the Region; b. To develop Clonmel’s economic synergies and potential within the Limerick Waterford east west axis through improvements and upgrading of the N24 Waterford Limerick strategic route and improvements in public transportation; c. To strengthen ‘steady state’ investment in existing rail infrastructure and seek investment for improved infrastructure and services to ensure its continued renewal and maintenance to a high level in order to provide quality levels of safety, service, accessibility

and connectivity including improved frequency and journey times; d. To support planned place-making initiatives identified – redevelopment of Kickham Barracks and Clonmel Flights of Discovery; e. To support the continued development of Clonmel as a Tourist Centre in Irelands Ancient East and Munster Vales; f. To support the delivery of the infrastructural requirements identified for Clonmel subject to the outcome of the planning process and environmental assessments; g. It is an objective to continue to realise the potential economic benefits of higher education activity in Clonmel and to support existing higher education providers—noting also the potential collaboration with the future TUSE—in further enhancing the impact of higher education on the town and wider region.

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