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As set out in the tailored approach (Table 3.2), development plans will progress these initiatives and identify further opportunities for settlement networks at the sub-regional level for sharing assets, specialisms and providing strategic opportunities to drive the regional economy. Sustainable infrastructure investment to support the economic role of settlements in these networks should also be identified through the relevant development plan and local area plan processes.

RPO 30

Inter-Urban Networks as Regional Drivers of Collaboration and Growth

To recognise and support the role of existing and potential inter-urban networks as regional significant drivers of collaboration and growth. The RSES supports the further sustainable development of infrastructure investment and initiatives, through development plans of the following existing and potential networks: • Cork, Limerick-Shannon and Waterford Metropolitan Area collaboration; • Atlantic Economic Corridor; • Eastern Corridor (Dublin Belfast Economic Corridor extending to Rosslare Europort including Gorey-Enniscorthy- Wexford & strong connectivity to New Ross, Waterford/Belview Port). Examples of other regional and sub -regional drivers for collaboration and growth • Limerick- Waterford Transport and Economic network/axis (strengthened multi-modal connectivity between the Limerick-Shannon and Waterford Metropolitan Areas with sustainable upgrades to the N24 corridor to connect the Atlantic Economic Corridor with the Eastern Corridor and connect port and airport assets);

RPO 28

Collaboration/Partnership To support initiatives between local authorities for cross-boundary collaborations and project partnerships that sustainably develop shared assets, revitalise settlements and strengthen rural communities in county boundary locations.

RPO 29

Rural Settlement Networks a. To support the concept of rural settlement networks and support the sustainable development of infrastructures to assist collaborative projects and sharing of assets and strengths to drive sustainable population and enterprise growth in sub- regional areas; b. To recognise the shared critical mass of population, strategic assets and economic potential of inter-urban networks working in collaborative partnerships as regionally significant drivers of growth and support investment in infrastructure and initiatives to sustainably deliver improved multi- modal transport connectivity and high- speed, high-quality digital connectivity between them.

Waterford-Kilkenny-Carlow-DublinM9/ Rail network/axis; Cork to Limerick Transport and Economic Network/axis; Cork to Waterford Transport and Economic Network/axis (sustainable upgrades to the N25 corridor); Kerry Hub and Knowledge Triangle; North Kerry-West Limerick-Shannon Estuary-Clare; Galway-Ennis-Shannon-Limerick (GESL);

• •

• • • •

North Cork Agri Food Network; West Cork Marine Network;

Cork Ring Network.

The primary purpose of RPO30 is to foster partnerships and collaboration. Collaboration is supported between stakeholders, settlements across local authority boundaries for initiatives that harness the combined potential of strengths and assets in the Region and sub region. Development plans are best placed, with the support of this RPO, to provide further specific support and examples of networks.

The RSES supports initiatives to better understand and harness the resources and potential of places and spaces in border communities in our Region. The Realising the Potential of Border Communities, Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Planning and Progress project, involving the International Centre for Local and Regional Development in associationwith local authorities and community-based development companies, is an example. This initiative aims to realise the potential of border communities and to promote sustainable and inclusive planning and progress.

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