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RPO 36

Land Development Agency To support the role , collaboration and delivery of actions in the Region through initiatives of the Land Development Agency which include co-ordinating appropriate State lands for regeneration and development, opening up key sites which are not being used effectively for housing delivery; and driving strategic land assembly, working with both public and private sector land owners. The co-ordination and selection of sites should be supported by a quality site selection process that addresses environmental criteria and proposed mitigation measures (see also RPO 1).

RPO 37

Active Land Management Local Authorities shall undertake Active Land Management (including use of CPO Powers) of housing land requirements, in order to manage the supply of land for residential development and ensure suitable zoning is in place to achieve compact, smart, sustainable growth targets within existing urban footprints.

RPO 38

Retrofitting Initiative Priorities a. Local Authorities, through County Development Plan and Local Area Plan objectives, will identify retrofitting initiative priorities within settlements that grew rapidly without corresponding investment in infrastructure and amenities which demonstrate achievement of National Strategic Outcome: Compact Growth; b. Support initiatives that seek retrofitting infrastructure to existing buildings including smart technologies, energy efficient and micro renewable systems and seek targeted initiatives and actions at a local level for the refurbishment and upgrading of suitable vacant and underused building stock; Support initiatives that retrofit environmental amenities to address adverse effects on biodiversity and the environment; d. Support initiatives that address fuel poverty. c.

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