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Page | December 2023 December 2023

Team Orange, As 2023 draws to a close, I ’ d like to thank each and every member of the Orange County team for doing your part to

move our community forward. To that end, the Board of Supervisors sends holiday greetings and appreciation for your good work and has authorized an additional 2% wage increase for general County staff 1 effective with the December 1st pay period. Orange County is only successful when our team is successful in delivering service and value to our community. Administration will continue to work with the Board in 2024 to support you as you make a difference in the lives of our people. I would like to personally thank all Department Heads for the excellent briefings provided for the board ’ s orientation last month. It was well received. Coming up next month, the Board is actively working to schedule strategic planning sessions that will set the agenda for the next several years of community progress. Stay tuned for updates! I wish you and yours a happy and healthy Holiday Season, and a very bright and happy New Year! 1 Certain Constitutional Officers, Department of Elections, and FiberLync employees may be subject to separate pay adjustments.

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Page | December 2023 Page 1 | December 2023

Farewell and Thank You, Mr. White

By: Orange County Communications and Administration Departments

The changing of the guard on the Orange County Board of Supervisors continued this month, as long - serving member Mr. White was honored at a reception, in recognition of his service, before the December 5 Board Meeting. James “ Jim ” White began his tenure on the Board of Supervisors in 2012, representing District Two. Officially, his term will end at the conclusion of 2023. During more than a decade of service, he was selected as Chairman of the Board in 2018 and 2019, and served as Vice Chairman this year. Mr. White additionally served on a number of committees, commissions, and boards including the Planning Commission, the Fleet Subcommittee, the Lake Anna Advisory Committee, the Route 3 Steering Committee, the Broadband Subcommittee, the Financial Policies Subcommittee, the Germanna - Wilderness Area Plan (GWAP) Steering Committee, the Joint Board/School Board CIP Subcommittee, the Rappahannock River Basin

Commission, the Gordonsville - Orange Area Plan (GOAP) Steering Committee, the Subdivision & Zoning Ordinance Subcommittee, the Broadband Policies Subcommittee, the Budget Guidance Subcommittee, and the Local Emergency Planning Commission. According to the results of the November 7 General Election, the District Two Supervisor position will be filled by Ed Van Hoven. Election results can be viewed in last month ’ s issue of the Orange County Insight. Thank you for your service, Mr. White!

District 2 highlighted in blue, map sourced from Orange Open Data.

Page 2 | December 2023

Office of Voter Registrar and Elections ’ New Location

By: Orange County Communications Department

The Orange County Office of Voter Registration and Elections moved to a new home at 130 North Madison Road, Orange, VA 22960, on Thursday, December 14, 2023. The office closed on December 14 and 15 to facilitate the move. In addition to Voter Registration office space, the location will also serve as the new early voting location for upcoming elections. The new building is the former Modena State Farm office, just downhill on Madison Road from the Orange County Courthouse. This location will not be entirely new to those who have frequented the Voter Registration and Elections Office ’ s previous location in the Sedwick Building. In fact, the parking lot will remain the same. The new location will have the benefit of being more accessible, since it will be single - story and entirely devoted to Voter Registration and Elections. The prior location was located on the second floor of a shared building, requiring the use of stairs or the elevator.

For more information, please call (540) 675 - 5262.

Voter Registrar Completes Voluntary Post - Election Audit

By: Donna Harpold, Voter Registrar and Director of Elections, Orange County Office of Voter Registration & Elections

Orange County has successfully completed a voluntary post - election risk - mitigating audit, which confirmed that the County ’ s electronic voting system accurately reported the correct outcome of the November 7, 2023, General Election. Following the recent election, the Virginia State Board of Elections approved a request from the Orange County Electoral Board to conduct a “ risk - limiting audit. ” Orange County was the third Virginia locality to conduct this type of audit, the other two being much more populated Arlington and Loudoun counties. The Orange County Sheriff ’ s race was selected for the audit. This race was evaluated using what is called the “ batch comparison ” method. A batch is typically all ballots from one precinct. During this type of audit, a bipartisan team uses hand - counting rules to review a batch of ballots, with the results then being compared to the actual election results reported. The ballots that were reviewed included those cast in person during the early voting period and in person at many polling locations on Election Day.

Page 3 | December 2023

For some precincts reviewed, the results matched 100%. Where discrepancies did exist, the differences were a result of “ undervoting. ” Undervoting refers to a selection not being made in a particular election race on a ballot. This can happen unintentionally if a voter does not adequately fill in a bubble, or if they place a checkmark or an “ x ” on the bubble of their preferred candidate. Sometimes, a check mark is placed entirely outside of the bubble. Intentional undervotes occur if a voter consciously chooses not to vote for any candidate in a particular race. Undervotes are distinct from overvotes, in which more than one candidate is selected for a particular race and the vote cannot be counted. Using hand - counting rules, an undervote can generally be attributed to a candidate if the voter ’ s intention is clear. Those interested in hand - count voting rules can find more information on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Undervoting Examples


Likely to Scan Correctly

Unlikely to Scan Correctly

Won ’ t Scan Correctly

Intentional Undervote

After the bipartisan team evaluated more than 7,000 ballots by this method and the findings were compared to the reported results, nothing was found that would have impacted the election. No votes would have switched; each candidate would have simply gained a few additional votes (which were similar in proportion to the overall election results) that had not previously counted due to undervoting. “ What we found, as expected, is the voting machines are very accurate. Any issues were from voters not correctly filling in the oval next to the candidate ’ s name. ” said Director of Elections Donna Harpold. “ We are proud to have been at the forefront of this kind of audit in Virginia and had a great team of officials assisting us in this accomplishment, ” she added. As a result of efforts like this audit, Orange County voters can be confident when heading to their polling place that their votes will counted fairly and accurately. They should be further encouraged that their officials voluntarily pursued the highest standards of verification.

Page 4 | December 2023

We Love a Parade!

By: Orange County Communications Department Photographs Contributed by Organization in Photo Unless Otherwise Noted

Several Orange County Departments had a blast participating in the recent Orange Rotary Club Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 2, 2023. Planning, organizing, and constructing floats proved to be a great opportunity for team - building, as well as a “ truckload ” of fun!

Some participants from Orange County departments included the Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, featuring retiring Sheriff Mark Amos, the Orange County Extension Office (through a couple of excellent 4 - H entries), the Orange County Operations Team, and (back by popular demand) Orange County Parks & Recreation ’ s Booster Boys Mower Brigade!

We are thrilled to report that some of these entries were even recognized with parade prizes!

Best in Show: 4 - H Homestead Club, 4 - H Livestock Cloverbuds, True Blue Cloverbuds

2nd Place, First Responders: Orange County Sheriff's Office

Club ’ s Choice Award: Orange County Parks & Rec Mower Brigade

Full results available on the Orange Rotary Christmas Parade website.

Miss the Parade? Watch the Video! This fun highlight video by Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) showcases each entry. Want to see our entries? They can be found at these times in the video. 4 - H Entries 0:48 Sheriff ’ s Office 3:21 Operations Team 4:15 Parks & Rec Mower Brigade 4:19

Screenshot from OCPS Video

Page 5 | December 2023

Screenshot from OCPS Video

Page 6 | December 2023

Turkey Toss Takes Flight Again

By: Joseph Falin, Programs & Facilities Supervisor, Orange County Parks & Recreation

On Saturday, November 18, Orange County Parks and Recreation hosted their annual Turkey Toss Doubles Disc Golf Tournament, sponsored by Iron Pipe Alewerks. This year the tournament was at capacity with 18 teams (36 participants) filling out all four flights. The top three teams in each flight received awards, along with the “ Closest to the Pin ” winner and the “ Longest Chuck ” winner. For signing up and playing in the

tournament, each participant received a commemorative disc, golf towel, and a gift bag (provided by Orange County Economic Development and Tourism). The first - place participants in each flight received a medal, an Orange County Commemorative Disc (provided by Orange County Economic Development and Tourism), and a $25 gift card to Iron Pipe Alewerks. The second - place participants each received a $15 gift card to Iron Pipe Alewerks, and the third - place participants each received a $10 gift card to Iron Pipe Alewerks. The weather was as good as anyone could hope for in the middle of November, with clear skies and temperatures in the high 50s.

Each of the teams played the first round with holes one through nine being played under Best Disc rules, and holes ten through 18 being played under Captain ’ s Choice rules. Under Best Disc rules, both players on each team played each hole regularly with the team taking the lower of the two scores for each hole. Under Captain ’ s Choice rules, each player threw a disc, and the team would decide which of the lies was better for their next throw. On

the 18th Hole of the first round, each player ’ s tee shot was counted toward the “ Longest Chuck ” competition where players had to throw the disc as far as they could while also staying inside of the lines marked on the course. After the 18th Hole, players would throw a disc down toward the practice basket for our “ Closest to the Pin ” competition, where players would try to get as close as they could to the basket in one throw. Once the first round was over, each of the teams were flighted, and played the second round under Alternate Shot rules. Under Alternate Shot rules, one player would tee off on the even numbered holes and the other player would tee off on the odd numbered holes. After the tee shot, teammates would

Page 7 | December 2023

alternate throws until the hole was complete. After the second round, the scores from the first round were added to the scores for the second round to produce each team ’ s final score. Once it was all said and done, the winners of the First Flight, and the overall winners of the tournament (for the third year in a row) were the Roberts brothers (Caleb and Tyler). The winners of the Second Flight were Ray Starks and Dwayne Higdon. The winners of the Third Flight were Mark Brooking and Joe Gilyard. The winners of the Fourth Flight were Simon Lopez and his grandson Isaiah Lopez. The winner of the “ Longest Chuck ” competition was Noah Wearmouth. Finally, the winner of the “ Closest to the Pin ” competition was Simon Lopez, who was not only our most senior participant (72) but also the competitor who walked away with the most hardware since his team finished first in Flight Four. Orange County Parks and Recreation ’ s next disc golf - related activity will be the “ Winter One - disc - erland ” tournament held on January 27, 2024, where each participant will only be allowed to use the commemorative disc provided for the tournament. NEW FOR 2024

Every participant that signs up and plays in ALL

There ’ s more excitement in store! New for 2024, every participant that signs up and plays in ALL of the Orange County Parks & Recreation Disc Golf Tournaments, over the course of the year, will receive a special commemorative disc highlighting their achievement. For more information about OCPR programs and activities, please visit us online at, or give us a call at (540) 672 - 5435.

the Orange County Parks & Rec. Disc Golf Tournaments, over the course of the year, will receive a special commemorative disc highlighting their achievement!

Page 8 | December 2023

Page 9 | December 2023

Page 10 | December 2023

Staff Recognized During Service Awards Luncheon

By: Orange County Communications Department

The Pavilion at Lakeland Farm played host to the third annual Orange County Service Awards Presentation and Luncheon on November 15, 2023. This joyful event provides the opportunity for employees to fellowship and celebrate long - term service to our residents. County Administrator Ted Voorhees oversaw the ceremony, with Supervisor Crystal Hale making remarks of appreciation from the Board of Supervisors. More than 40 staff and family members were present for the event. Following a delicious lunch, Ted read through the list of those being recognized, with each coming forward to receive their certificate and pin, and take photographs. The efforts and service of our employees are truly appreciated, and we look forward to recognizing more of our team at next year ’ s luncheon!

2023 Service Award Recipients

Five Years Joseph Day Kimberly Downin Charles Ellis Katie Fitzgerald Louis Gipson Lorraine Hall Amanda Hamm Ashlee Middleton Miranda Pitts Rebecca Sellers Kerri Skinner Abbe Smithson Josh Sparks Jenna Wedding Jim Whipp Gina Yetter - Pilsuki Anna Zummo

Ten Years Teresa Colvin Darnell Elswick Joe Falin

Twenty Years Lillian Bowman Letitia Douthit Helen Scott Roger Wilson

Linda Kennedy Liz McClanahan Michelle Pursel Marvin Ruffner Susan Turner Clarence Washington

Twenty - Five Years Teresa Frick

Thirty Years Amy Cryst Rita Fleming G.W. Gray Alisha Vines

Fifteen Years Jamee Darnell Lewis Davis

Karen Gibson Noah Madden

Page 11 | December 2023

Five Years

Ten Years

Fifteen Years

Twenty Years

Twenty - Five Years

Thirty Years

Page 12 | December 2023

Shop Local, en “ JOY ” Orange this Holiday Season

By: Orange County Office of Economic Development & Tourism

For those who haven ’ t finished their shopping yet (no judgement) the Office of Economic Development and Tourism invites you to Shop Local this holiday season and enJOY all that Orange County has to offer! Joy the Elf left the North Pole for some quality time in Orange County! She visited a variety of area businesses to remind residents and visitors alike that shopping small is an important way to support the local economy. Sixty - seven cents of every dollar spent at a local business stays in the community! Small businesses are an integral part of what makes Orange County such a special place to live, work, and play! Find Joy the Elf stickers on area business windows this holiday; watch her video, pick up her gift guide or check out her blog and social media posts to catch a glimpse of Joy ’ s Holiday Adventures with some of the amazing small businesses in Orange County!

Share your holiday shopping favorites at #enJOYorange to get in on all the fun!

Page 13 | December 2023

Visitor Center Volunteers Enjoy Familiarization Tours

By: Regan McKay, Economic Development & Tourism Assistant, Orange County Office of Economic Development & Tourism

The Orange County Visitor Center Volunteers are getting out and about in Orange County for familiarization tours and site visits. Recently, staff and volunteers visited historic Bloomsbury, the oldest extant dwelling in Orange County, Virginia, to learn more about the current tours and exhibits they have open to the public. Volunteers then enjoyed a delicious lunch at Main Street Tavern in Downtown Orange. Familiarization tours are vitally important for our volunteers because nothing can replace the firsthand experiences these tours provide. These experiences help prepare our volunteers for their regular visitor interactions. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Volunteering at the Visitor Center is made to fit your schedule. Volunteers can serve as little as one four - hour shift a month, or can help out several times a week! A volunteer can be scheduled on a recurring day (such as every third Wednesday), or can fill in open slots left in the calendar. Contact Shannah Mort, Tourism Counselor, at (540) 672 - 1653 or for more information about becoming a volunteer!

Page 14 | December 2023

Deck the Paws Campaign Update

By: Orange County Communications Department

Beginning on Giving Tuesday, November 28, the Orange County Animal Shelter launched its “ Deck the Paws ” campaign. This fundraiser allows animal lovers in our community the opportunity to support the mission of the shelter in any (or all) of several ways. The first option is filling a stocking for one of our pets with a monetary donation. For every $25 raised, we will be able to fill the stocking of one adorable cat or dog with items like treats and toys. So far, we ’ ve raised enough to fill over 31 stockings, but we still have room to hang more. To easily make an online donation, simply visit, and complete the form. Want to donate towards a specific critter? Check out our list of adoptable pets on Petfinder and include that animal ’ s name in the “ Notes ” section of the form. Prefer not to give online? No problem! In - person donations can be made at the Animal Shelter or at the Treasurer ’ s Office. Just be sure to let us know you ’ re donating towards the Deck the Paws Fundraiser for the Animal Shelter. These funds will also support causes like our emergency veterinary fund. The second option is to fill a pet ’ s belly with a donation of dry or canned dog or cat food. We initially set a goal to collect 1,000 pounds of food during the Deck the Paws campaign, which ends December 31. To our amazement, we had already exceeded that goal as of Saturday, December 9! To keep the kibble rolling, we have set a new, ambitious goal of 2,000 pounds. Can you help us keep the animals in our care full and happy all year long? While our pets aren ’ t picky, we do have preferred food brands so that we can keep them on a consistent diet and avoid unnecessary (and often messy) digestive troubles. Visit for information about preferred brands. Donations of food can be made directly at the Animal Shelter or at the Orange County Public Works Office at 11350 Porter Road, Orange. We can also accept donations of most varieties of treats, but please, no rawhide bones. The third option is to fill our supply rooms with items from the wish list curated by the Friends of the Orange County Animal Shelter. The wish list is available on Amazon. Lastly, not - so - secret option four is to give our pets the best possible gift this season, a home. If your family is interested in adoption, we encourage you to complete an online pre - adoption application. With that in mind, be sure the adoption is carefully considered and agreed upon by all household members. Adopting a dog or cat is a years ’ long commitment and we do not encourage adoption of pets as “ presents ” or surprises (no matter how cute a puppy wearing a ribbon may be). We truly appreciate the outpouring of support we ’ ve received so far. Please consider continuing to support the Orange County Animal Shelter for the remainder of the giving season and beyond.

Page 15 | December 2023

Page 16 | December 2023

Page 17 | December 2023 Page 17 | November 2023

Youth Council Enjoys Annual Retreat

By: Alisha Vines, Director, Orange County Office on Youth

The Orange County Office on Youth took the Youth Council on their annual retreat the weekend of November 3 - 5 to the Northern Virginia 4 - H Center in Front Royal. Each year this retreat allows us to connect with the members and discuss topics that are important to them. There was a lot of discussion around the vaping epidemic Orange County students are facing. Their concern was focused not only on the actual vaping, but also the ease with which the students can obtain the products. During the retreat, they started a letter to our state legislators about the lack of penalties for selling such products to underage buyers as well as the proximity of these stores to schools and bus stops. Their letter requested our representatives to propose or support a bill for harsher penalties, noting that current penalties are not in line with those levied for the sale of alcohol to underage buyers.

The ongoing opioid epidemic was also discussed, and questions were drafted to present to entities they would like to interview. These interviews will form the foundation of video PSAs and other communications to help spread correct information about opioids and try to break the stigma of use. The Youth Council hopes to begin that work after the new year. At the retreat, students were able to try using specially - designed goggles and pedal carts to simulate the dangers of drunk and distracted driving. We set up a small obstacle course for the carts and had the kids complete simple tasks such as walking up the stairs and tying their shoes. Once that was done, we talked

about how the goggles made them feel and the effects it had on their tasks. “ I love this event because we get to take the kids away and give them a safe space to talk about what is affecting the youth of Orange County so that we can brainstorm ways to help, ” said Alisha Vines, Office on Youth Director. “ It also gives them time to bond and get to know each other. We stayed up both nights playing games and they really got into it, ” she added.

The Youth Council is a great opportunity for local youth to be more involved and serve their community. Students in grades six through 10 may apply to serve on the council each year. Learn more at - Council or call (540) 672 - 5484.

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Page 19 | December 2023

Page 20 | December 2023

Page 21 | December 2023

2024 Culpeper SWCD Tree Sale PICK UP FOR ALL PLANTS IS MARCH 22 & 23, 2024 Open to anyone but pick up is at the CSWCD Culpeper Office

• Eastern redbud, Red - osier dogwood, American elderberry, Silver maple, Shortleaf pine & chestnut oak — 5 of one species for $5

• American chestnut hybrid — 5 for $30

• Native meadow wildflower seed mix with cover crop (designed for 1,000 square feet) - $30

• Silky dogwood & buttonbush for streambank erosion prevention - 25 of one species for $25

Questions? Call Stephanie at (540) 825 - 8591 or email

Find the order form under “ News ” at

Page 22 | December 2023

Santa Visits the Public Safety Building

By: Orange County Communications Department

Santa had so much fun during his visit to the Orange County Public Safety Building (PSB) last December that he made time in his busy schedule to drop by again this year! On Saturday, December 9, the PSB opened its doors to the jolly old elf and the Orange County community. Folks were encouraged to stop in for photographs with Santa as well as a variety of holiday activities

hosted by the Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, County of Orange Fire & EMS (COFEMS), and Orange County Emergency Communications. These activities included a popcorn and hot cocoa stand, crafts, book giveaways, fire extinguisher demonstrations, SafeAssured child identification cards, the COFEMS Safety House, and more!

Page 23 | December 2023

Page 24 | December 2023

Page 25 | December 2023

Prevent Foodborne Illness During the Holidays

By: Clare Lillard, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Feasting with family is part of many holiday celebrations. Follow these tips provided by the CDC to help prevent food poisoning, or foodborne illness, during the upcoming holidays.

Keep foods separated. Keep meat, chicken, turkey, seafood, and eggs separate from all other foods at the grocery store and in the refrigerator. Prevent juices from meat, chicken, turkey, and seafood from dripping or leaking onto other foods by keeping them in containers or sealed plastic bags. Store eggs in their original carton in the main compartment of the refrigerator. Cook food thoroughly. Use a food thermometer to make sure meat, chicken, turkey, seafood, and eggs have been cooked to a safe internal temperature to kill germs. Roasts, chops, steaks, and fresh ham should rest for 3 minutes after you remove them from the oven or grill. Keep food out of the “ danger zone. ” Bacteria can grow rapidly in the “ danger zone ” between 40°F and 140°F. After food is prepared, keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Refrigerate or freeze perishable food like meat, chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs, cut fruit, cooked rice, and leftovers within 2 hours (1 hour if food is exposed to temperatures above 90°F, such as in a hot car). The temperature in your refrigerator should be set at 40°F or below and the freezer at 0°F or below. Use pasteurized eggs for dishes containing raw eggs. Salmonella and other harmful germs can live on both the outside and inside of normal - looking eggs. Many holiday favorites contain raw eggs, including eggnog, tiramisu, hollandaise sauce, and Caesar dressing. Always use pasteurized eggs when making these and other foods made with raw eggs. Do not eat raw dough or batter. Dough and batter made with flour or eggs can contain harmful germs, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Do not taste or eat raw dough or batter that is meant to be baked or cooked. This includes dough or batter for cookies, cakes, pies, biscuits, pancakes, tortillas, pizza, or crafts. Do not let children taste raw dough or batter or play with dough at home or in restaurants. Some companies and stores offer edible cookie dough that uses heat - treated flour and pasteurized eggs or no eggs. Read the label carefully to make sure the dough is meant to be eaten without baking or cooking. Thaw your turkey safely. Thaw turkey in the refrigerator, in a sink of cold water (change the water every 30 minutes), or in the microwave. Do not thaw turkey or other foods on the counter. A turkey must thaw at a safe temperature to prevent harmful germs from growing rapidly.

Wash your hands with soap and water during these key times: • Before, during, and after preparing food • Before eating food • After handling pet food, or pet treats, or touching pets • After using the toilet • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet • After touching garbage • Before and after caring for someone who is sick • Before and after treating a cut or wound • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

The Orange County Extension Office sends best wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday season. For more food safety information contact Clare Lillard, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences at or (540) 672 - 1361.

Page 26 | December 2023

Page 27 | December 2023

Page 28 | December 2023

Page 29 | December 2023

2024 Orange County Holiday Schedule

New Year ’ s Day - Monday, January 1 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Monday, January 15 George Washington Day - Monday, February 19 James Madison ’ s Birthdate (Observed) - Friday, March 15 Memorial Day - Monday, May 27 Juneteenth - Wednesday, June 19 Independence Day - Thursday, July 4 Labor Day - Monday, September 2 Columbus Day & Yorktown Victory Day - Monday, October 14 Election Day - Tuesday, November 5 Veterans Day - Monday, November 11 Noon Closure for Thanksgiving - Wednesday, November 27 Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 28 Day After Thanksgiving* - Friday, November 29 *Landfill & Collection Sites Open

Christmas Eve - Tuesday, December 24 Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25

This holiday schedule is subject to change and applies only to those County Government offices under the purview of the Orange County Personnel Policy Manual. Some offices may follow alternate schedules, such as the Landfill and Collection Sites. Public safety departments (Sheriff ’ s Office, COFEMS, E911) remain available 24/7. The Board of Supervisors may grant additional holidays, under special circumstances, throughout the year. County employees will be notified of additional holidays after they are officially granted.

Page 30 | December 2023

19 Years, William Strong, Development Services

3 Years, James Shifflett, Landfill

12 Years, Amanda Amos, Procurement

2 Years, Crystal Hasting, Commonwealth ’ s Attorney

12 Years, Timothy Moubray, Parks & Recreation

2 Years, Eric Bittner, Development Services

11 Years, Suzanne Palmiter, Library

2 Years, Robert Dudley, Landfill

11 Years, Stephanie Straub, County Administration

2 Years, John Singleton, Fiberlync

10 Years, Marvin Ruffner, Landfill

2 Years, Boyce Gilbert, Sheriff's Office

8 Years, Sherry Martin, Social Services

1 Year, Van Powers, Airport

5 Years, Ellen Fitzgerald, Commonwealth ’ s Attorney

1 Year, Katherine Haller, Ecc

5 Years, Amanda Hamm, ECC

1 Year, Virginia Biggs, Office On Youth

4 Years, Joan Clark, Landfill

1 Year, Tony Jessup, Public Works

4 Years, Jeremy Brown, ECC

1 Year, Anthony Schienschang, Social Services

4 Years, Johanny Paniagua, Social Services

1 Year, Joshua Crawford, Information Technology

4 Years, Justin Lynch, ECC

3 Years, Lewis Coates, Landfill

Page 31 | December 2023

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Community Paramedic County Assessor Deputy Sheriff Emergency Communications Officer

Assistant Registrar Child Care Lead Teacher - LGPS Child Care Teacher - LGPS Child Care Teacher Assistant - LGPS FAPT Coordinator

Family Services Specialist II - In Home Practice Fire & EMS Captain (Internal Applicants Only) Firefighter/Medic Recreation Programmer Sanitation Collection Driver

Page 32 | December 2023

Page 33 | December 2023

Holiday & End of Year Reminders for Orange County Staff

By: Jenna Wedding, Payroll Accountant, Orange County Finance Department

As the holidays and the end of the year approach, it ’ s a good time for Orange County employees to make sure they don ’ t have any loose ends that still need tying. Please see the reminders below and contact the Finance Department if you need assistance.

• Request Annual leave for the Holiday season in advance to receive approval from your Supervisor.

• Review your leave accruals to ensure you don ’ t exceed the maximum limit.

• Use your one day of Personal Leave by December 31 if you haven ’ t already! It is “ use it or lose it ” each calendar year as defined in Personnel Policy 5.1.

• Be mindful of Payroll and Accounts Payable due dates.

• Due to the Christmas holiday, pay day will be Thursday, December 21 instead of that Friday.

• Verify your mailing address in Employee Self Service (ESS) to ensure receipt of your W - 2.

• Think about any withholding changes you may want for tax year 2024. W - 4 updates can be made electronically using ESS.

• (From Human Resources) Mark your calendars for the upcoming Orange County Employee Wellness Expo!

Page 34 | December 2023

County Cup Turkey Shoot Results

By: Tim Moubray, Director, Orange County Parks & Recreation

We had a blast watching everyone compete in the OCPR Turkey Shoot*, where participants worked as a team to slingshot some birds into bins of varying point values (think skee ball but with plush turkeys, a slingshot, and no climate control). Despite the cold conditions, there were some mighty fine shooting skills on display. When it was all over, Team IT came out on top with a two - round score of 360, behind the amazing shooting skills of Cecelia O ’ Neill and her two steady anchors, Josh Crawford and Andrew Hackey. Team DSS claimed the second and third spots, along with 5 team points for the high single round (245, Anthony Scheinschang as shooter, Kimberley McDaniel and Ashley Ritenour as anchors), to increase their overall lead. Congrats to our winners.

Oh what fun we ’ ve had this year. One challenge remains in the County Cup. Can anyone catch DSS? We ’ ll see...

*No turkeys were harmed during this game.

Page 35 | December 2023

Page 36 | December 2023

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Citizens Ask...

Q: How can I help my community? A : Consider volunteering! Orange County offers many volunteer opportunities for those motivated to help others. View a list of some of these options at - Opportunities. Q: How do I contact my representative on the Board of Supervisors? A : Visit, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find a photo of each Supervisor. Click on your Supervisor to find contact information as well as details about their district.

Page 37 | December 2023

Upcoming Orange County Meetings

*Typographic error corrected 1/5/2024

Board of Supervisors

Planning Commission

• Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023, 5:00 p.m.

• Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024, 6:00 p.m. Economic Development Authority • Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023, 5:30 p.m. at 109 West Main Street, Orange, VA 22960

Public Comment during this Meeting

• Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024, 5:00 p.m.

Unless otherwise noted, listed meetings are held at: Board of Supervisors ’ Meeting Room Orange County Public Safety Building 11282 Government Center Drive, Orange, VA 22960

This information is for reference only and subject to change. Specific information about hearing topics and schedules will be available in that meeting ’ s agenda packet when published. Agendas can be accessed in the online Agenda Center. Please note that due to the monthly publication schedule of this newsletter, it is possible that some upcoming public hearings may not be listed. Pursuant to the applicable section of the Code of Virginia, notices for all public hearings will be posted in our newspaper of circulation (The Orange County Review) at least seven days prior to the hearing date, or as required by code.

Tony Jessup

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Maintenance Technician III

Tony Jessup has worked for Orange County Public Works since around this time last year and has already made a significant positive impact assisting with many renovations and work orders. Problem - solving and tinkering are natural talents of his, and he reflects that even as a child he loved to take things apart and put them back together. He applies that know - how regularly, and his favorite part of the job is getting to “ do something different everyday, ” he says, knowing “ it will never be boring. ” It ’ s no surprise Mr. Jessup appreciates excitement. He served in the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions with the United States

Juanesta Williams

Support Technician

Army. He says “ jumping out of perfectly good airplanes ” was fun at the time, but it “ seems crazy looking back. ” Reflecting on those jumps, he says the best part was enjoying the view during the drop (after the chute opened, of course). Even today, his favorite movies are action movies such as John Wick and the Expendables series. In his spare time, Tony enjoys pistol shooting at the range. During his military service, he shot competitively as part of the Fort Bragg pistol team, but enjoys it simply for relaxation and fun now. His organization and technical skills help him even outside of his day to day job. He applies them often while serving as a Deacon at Hopewell Baptist Church. Keep up the good work, Tony!

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Meet Rollo Rollo is a handsome boy who came to us as a stray. He is around 18 months old and still very much a puppy! Rollo LOVES treats and going for long walks. He does pull a little, but once he settles in and gets used to doing more walks he will be a fantastic walking partner. Rollo does well with other dogs but as with any adoption to home with dog friends, a Meet and Greet will be required. Rollo will need a regular routine for housebreaking. He tries hard to keep his kennel clean but he is a young boy! Rollo has been neutered, vaccinated, Heartworm tested and microchipped. We have brought him current on monthly preventatives.

If interested, please visit, and complete the new online - based Pet Pre - Adoption Application.

Find your new best friend at the

Visit us on Facebook Find Adoptable Pets (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

Orange County Animal Shelter

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