Swansea University Postgraduate Prospectus 2023

PRE-MASTER’S This is stage one of the postgraduate pathway. It is one, two or three semesters long, depending on your chosen pathway and qualifications (English language and academic) at the point of entry. This programme is available in the areas of: languages, politics and culture, engineering, children and young people, business management, accounting and finance, and computer science. The pre-master’s programme allows you to adjust to the rigorous research and independent study requirements of a postgraduate degree. The pre-master’s programme will: • Help you develop fundamental knowledge and an understanding of the basic principles relevant to your particular degree • Help you develop numerical techniques, research methodologies and ICT, presentation and communication skills • Help you develop your intellectual and practical skills building to a set of transferable skills that will support you in your onward academic studies, careers and decision-making • Ensure you have attained the prescribed level of interdisciplinary language competence MASTER’S The master’s degree is stage two of the postgraduate pathway, and is taught by Swansea University.

A postgraduate pathway is known as a Pre-Master’s. These are designed to bridge the gap between your academic qualifications and Swansea University’s master’s level entry requirements. The College, Swansea University specialises in developing and delivering pre-master’s programmes which progress into a number of Swansea University master’s. From day one with us, you will be fully integrated into life at Swansea University as our dedicated academic building is found on the Bay Campus. The postgraduate pathway is designed for students who: • Require additional English language training • Come from an academic background different to that of the UK and do not meet university direct-entry requirements • Have been away from studies for a period of time • Are looking to fine-tune skills already gained during their undergraduate studies or employment The language of instruction at The College, Swansea University is English. To attain entry into the postgraduate pathway you must be able to demonstrate you have a suitable level of English proficiency. For further details, contact our team at: the-college-enquiries@swansea.ac.uk If you do not meet the English language requirement for direct entry to your chosen pathway, you can receive the required amount of English language tuition to prepare you for successful entry at a later date. English Language training is delivered by the University’s English Language Training Services (ELTS) with multiple entry points throughout each year. For a full list of countries and entry requirements visit: swansea.ac.uk/the-college/entry

POSTGRADUATE PATHWAYS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS: • Accounting and Finance • Children and Young People • Computer Science • Engineering • Languages, Politics and Culture • Management • Public Health and Management

Look out for this icon on the course pages to see where a pathway is on offer


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