Zero Waste Lookbook 2022

AVOID IT Try experiences instead such as photo booths, event tickets, food, movie screenings, repair stations, and more. The options are endless! UP-CYCLE OR REUSE Consider options that don’t require buying new such as decorating water bottles, clothing swaps, zines or book binding from reused paper, or screen printing items students already own.

If Buying New


If you must purchase new, consider products that students will actually use, are durable, and come from trusted, ethical sources. We recommend checking out some PLAN’s discounts on brands such as To-Go Ware, Klean Kanteen, People Towels, and more.

USEFUL OR ETHICAL We understand you can’t always find affordable useful and ethical swag. At least try to buy one or the other! Useful items can include durable ballpoint pins, carabiners, or sewing kits. There may be other swag options which are less useful but come from ethical sources. We recommend using these options as a last resort. USELESS & QUESTIONABLE Please avoid buying useless swag from questionable retailers. This can include items such as fidget spinners, foam fingers, slap bracelets, and so much more.

Hierarchical Ethical Guide to Swag brought to you by The Post-Landfill Action Network

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