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LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing - 2023 Water & Environmental Catalogue

About the AXIO Proficiency Testing process

How do I treat my PT test material? It is important for laboratories to understand how to get the optimum benefit from PT participation. To do this, a laboratory must participate in an open and honest fashion, being prepared to, on occasion, be evaluated as unsatisfactory. If PT is to achieve its aims, laboratories need to treat the test materials the same as routine test materials, and staff must be encouraged to treat them appropriately and learn from their results in a constructive manner. Do I have to use specific methods to analyse the PT test materials? Unless otherwise instructed, participants should analyse the test materials using any method that they feel is appropriate. Participants are asked to treat the test material in the same way as a routine sample. Participants may be asked to state their method when reporting results. It is important that this information is accurate as results are analysed and reported according to the method stated. Do I have to report my results within a specific timescale? Deadlines are specified for the return of results, to ensure the timely issue of assigned values and reports to participants. For each PT scheme a closure date will therefore be specified. For certain tests there may also be a date specified by which examination of the test material is recommended to have been commenced. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available to complete the test and report results in time for the deadline date.

How do I join a PT scheme? Participants are advised to take part in the PT scheme(s) that are most fitting to their own area of testing. Where necessary, appropriate staff at AXIO Proficiency Testing can advise on which scheme is most suitable for participants. For each scheme, a scheme description and application form will be available, containing information about the test materials included in the scheme, and the intended distribution dates. This information is available on our website: lgcstandards.com/AXIO Participants are invited to place orders via our webshop at lgcstandards.com/pt by selecting which test materials they wish to receive in the PT scheme year. Alternatively, it is possible to complete an application form. Once a completed webshop order or application form is received, an order confirmation will be sent to the participant, confirming the test materials selected and distribution date. How often do I need to participate? The frequency that a laboratory needs to participate in proficiency testing depends on a wide range of factors specific to each individual laboratory, such as other quality tools used, the volume of work undertaken and the risk associated to the measurements. Therefore every individual laboratory may have a different need, which is why PT schemes provided by AXIO Proficiency Testing offer flexible participation, although some do have a minimum participation level. Third parties, such as regulatory bodies, may recommend minimum levels of participation. To gain the benefit from trend analysis, participation in a minimum of four rounds over a scheme year is normally recommended. How are PT test materials packaged and transported? Test materials are packaged appropriately to protect the contents during transit. The majority of test materials are sent using priority courier. Overseas customers must provide relevant documents to prevent delay in customs such as import permits and may be required to pay import duties locally. Once packages have been delivered, AXIO Proficiency Testing cannot be held responsible if they subsequently fail to reach the correct personnel or are not stored under the recommended conditions. Participants are asked to check the contents of packages immediately on receipt and to contact AXIO Proficiency Testing if there are any problems with the condition of the test materials or accompanying documentation.


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