LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing 2023 - Water & Environmental S…

About reporting and evaluating results

My results have not been included in the report. Can I calculate my performance score (z or z’ score)? To calculate your performance score please visit: portal.lgcstandards.com Select ‘submit results’ from the menu.

How do I assess the reproducibility standard deviation from the PT report? The robust standard deviation provided in the PT report for a specific method can be taken as an estimate of the reproducibility standard deviation for the PT round for that specific method. Can I have a report that only includes my group laboratories? Yes, we can produce reports tailored to a customer’s specific requirement. There may be an additional charge for administration and computer programming costs.

About privacy and confidentiality

How do you prevent collusion and falsification of results?

Can you guarantee my laboratory’s confidentiality? In order to ensure confidentiality, participants in all PT schemes are allocated a unique laboratory reference number. This number enables results to be reported without divulging the identities of participant laboratories. Only staff within the proficiency testing team and the laboratory itself will know this number.

It defeats the objective of taking part in proficiency testing if participants are not returning genuine results. Certain measures are built into the PT schemes to try and prevent collusion but, ultimately the responsibility rests with each participating laboratory to behave in a professional manner.


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