Synergy Therapeutic: Neck Pain & Headache Relief

“Nagging Neck Pain?”

HOW NECK PROBLEMS CAUSE HEADACHES Patients with neck problems can often experience pain, tingling or numbness, into the arms, hands and even fingers. This is because the nerves coming out of the spine in your neck supply your arms and hands. If you find this is occurring, it is important that you see one of the licensed physical therapists and spine experts at Synergy Therapeutic Group. There is a lot that you can do to help your neck pain. The key is preventing the neck pain from starting in the first place. However, our daily lives don’t always dictate what is good for our neck and shoulders. Our programs at Synergy Therapeutic Group were designed to help those with pain get out of pain and stay healthy. In today’s society we sit a lot in slouched positions which is not good for the neck, upper back and shoulders. Our jobs, driving in the car, picking up heavy objects and repetitive straining can hurt the neck over a period of time. Having the spine experts at Synergy Therapeutic Group examine your neck movement, strength and function can pinpoint the root cause of your neck pain or headaches, treat it and teach you how to prevent it from returning. Call us today to find out how we can relieve your “pain in the neck”! Synergy Therapeutic Group Is Here To Help! Call To Schedule An Appointment with Us Today. Carbondale 618-529-4360 Du Quoin 618-542-8950

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