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Do I Really Need Travel Insurance? There are 68 locks between Amsterdam & Budapest which connects the North Sea to the Black Sea? The idea to create the Main-Danube Canal is credited to Charlemagne in 793, but wasn’t completed until 1992. Clients Joan and Kari were looking forward to their Viking Panama Canal & Central America cruise. Their bags were all packed and Uber scheduled for a 6 a.m. pickup. At 3 a.m. on the day of departure, Kari woke up with a dreadful case of the stomach flu that only got worse as the departure time approached. They regrettably had to cancel as Kari couldn’t even sit up, much less get downstairs to the car. They were very thankful they had travel insurance, as they were reimbursed for 100% of their vacation investment, including the extra excursions they had already pre-paid. Additional advantage: If insurance is added within 14 days of deposit, will also cover pre- existing conditions.

One of my favorite questions to ask is “How did you ever get started in {insert profession}? There are always fascinating tales of hardship and courage, and I enjoy learning from the successes and failures of others along the journey of life. So if you and I were sitting down for a visit and you asked me that question, I’d talk about my passion for travel, how I love providing expert advice and adding extra value to help clients have amazing vacations. While that’s absolutely accurate, as with most stories, there’s more to it — there always is. My husband was working a full-time job and I wanted to contribute to our family’s financial security while building some passive income with real estate. At the time, property values were consistently appreciating, and the areas we invested in were in high demand. Things were going so well and I felt like a genius. We were able to take some great trips together as a family as we realized the miracle of cash flow and predictable income.

“all-hands-on-deck” mode in the recovery process, leaving no financial margin for anything — much less a vacation fund. Were it not for a friend offering their beach house, we wouldn’t have gone anywhere during those lean years. I’m so grateful we have those beach memories, and they were an incredible gift to our family during a hard time. Money can be replaced, but time to capture vacation memories together can’t. As I sorted through the ashes of my business plan, I realized a large part of my goal to build financial security was so that we could take great vacations. So why not start with the end in mind and look at the travel business instead? The model had some great things going for it, too. I didn’t have to have an inventory of ships or resorts to be in business. I just had to

Then came the Great Recession.

Just like “a rising tide floats all boats,” storm surges can sink them. I was way overleveraged and my real-life game of Monopoly just about finished us. For quite some time, we were in

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs…the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” -David Brooks


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Great Vacations Matter Because Great Memories Matter Most

HIGHLIGHTING JOE AND SANDY’S PARIS TO THE HEART OF NORMANDY CRUISE Tales From Our Sails As much as we love helping our clients

and how accommodating Viking was to the varied interests of all of the passengers. “There was something for everyone, from making lemon meringue tarts to seeing antiques and jewels,” she said. “It was an awakening to take in the beauty of Paris.” One of Joe and Sandy’s favorite aspects about all of the cruises that they’ve taken with Viking is the intimacy of the ships. “Our first cruise only had about 195 people on it and our last one only had roughly 180,” Joe said. “You just don’t miss the big attractions of other ships. The food is great and the staff truly takes care of you.” Sandy made it a point to mention that if you order your favorite drink on the first and second night, by the third night, they know what you’d like before you even ask. “The Imagine Going There group is more than you can imagine because they go out of their way to communicate. They always have an answer and make

to plan their vacations, we find the most joy in hearing all about them when they get back! Joe and Sandy have taken three cruises with Viking thus far and have two more in the works. “We’ve taken the Grand European Tour, the Christmas Markets tour in Germany and France, and Paris & Heart of Normandy, and are currently working with Carol to visit the Mediterranean and take Journey to Antiquities from Rome to Athens,” Joe and Sandy tell us. So far, Normandy and Paris have been their favorite destinations. “If I had to list out 200 places I wanted to visit, Paris would have been number 210. But my experience with Viking and getting to see how hospitable and friendly the people in Paris and France were, changed my mind,” Joe stated. “Not to mention, the sights were fabulous.” Sandy fell in love with the architecture

you feel confident in your trip. From what to bring and wear to making recommendations, they’ve got you covered,” Sandy states. Joe and Sandy, we are so glad that you’ve made memories that last a lifetime — here’s to many more to come!

My Top 3 Favorite Souvenirs

• Christmas Ornaments — They come out once a year, so they are a fun surprise as well as bring a nostalgic smile as I remember where I was when I got them. They make unique gifts, too. This one came from Passau, Germany, and actually hangs on the finial of my office lamp year round. Postcards — I like to say, “Even a bad picture is still a good memory” (which is true, but also an excuse for being a poor photographer!). But postcards have their act together! The photo is always taken when weather is ideal, the lighting is perfect, there are no people crowding • the scenery, and there’s usually a panoramic view that only professionals are able to capture. Pick up some to send to your friends and family, but don’t forget to save some for yourself, too. Have a favorite travel or packing tip? Email and we’ll draw from your suggestions and include them in a future issue!

In the ever-elusive goal to travel light, one of the things to consider is leaving enough space to bring back souvenirs. Here are my favorite things to purchase as they don’t take up much space, have great memories attached to them, and don’t need to be dusted!

• Pashminas — They are versatile and make wardrobe transformations with ease. You can scoot back on the ship at the last minute, quickly change into basic slacks or skirt and a dressier top, and throw on a pashmina scarf to bring color and elegance to an outfit. Many are so large that when fully

opened, they double as a wrap when the restaurant is cool, too. The one in this picture always takes me back to

our time in Tunisia, where I purchased several different varieties from a street vendor (for 5 euros each!)

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know what I was talking about and be able to add value beyond what clients could get by booking direct.

So, I set out to personally visit the vacations I was recommending, and in the process developed some great relationships with the on-site staff so I could give my clients the extra TLC that made for great memories. Then I committed to building my business with the best company out there: one that had such a great reputation that customers kept coming back. I determined to know all I could about them and focus all of my efforts there. As result, that loyalty (and business volume) provided extra benefits for my clients, as well as leverage should I need to request an extra favor for them as well. While that strategy has paid off, one other event confirmed I was in the right business, and if you come to my seminars, you’ll hear me tell a story that had a profound impact on me: My in-laws were considering a 30-day Polynesian Isles cruise, and wanted their kids’ opinion about it. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the money, as Dad had saved and invested well during his 45 years at Lockheed. They were just being careful — that’s what many post-Depression children grew up doing, right? We all told them to go. After all, how often does everything work out that you can leave home for that long? So they went, and had a fabulous time. (After their return, we asked Mom how she liked it and she joked, “Well, I did get kind of tired of steak and lobster every night!”) However, she noticed Dad’s walk wasn’t very steady at times, but thought it might have been attributable to some rough seas. It must have been a forewarning though, as not long after they returned, Dad had a stroke and never was able to travel again. Sadly, he died a few years ago. Mom said that the memory of that vacation is more precious than the diamond earrings he gave her for Christmas as it was something they shared together. So why am I so passionate about helping others create amazing vacations memories? Because we never know how many are left to us to enjoy, and each one needs to be great. Our futures are always unpredictable, but most will agree that the highlight reels of our past usually include times spent together on great vacations with those that we hold dear. And there you have it: the real reason. My wish is that you will have dozens of great holidays in your future, and my team and I will do everything in our power to ensure that each one is an incredible entry in the “so glad we did that” vacation memory book. —Carol Shaddix

It’s hard to beat a good pound cake! If we meet at an event, likely you’ll be offered a slice of pound cake or some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Both recipes have been in the family for decades, and they are my go-to when I’ve needed something for a potluck or to take a meal to someone. I like this recipe because 1) it makes a lot (three 8-inch Bundt pans), 2) it freezes well, and 3) most importantly: it tastes great! Simple Classic Pound Cake


• 3 sticks of butter • 4 1/2 cups of sugar • 6 large eggs • 1 1/2 cups buttermilk

• 1 tsp of vanilla • 4 1/2 cups of flour • 1 tsp of baking powder


1. Cream together 3 sticks of butter while slowly adding 4½ cups of sugar. 2. Beat for 10 minutes until light and fluffy (this is the secret!) 3. Then add 6 large eggs, one at a time, beating just until incorporated. 4. In a separate bowl, combine 1½ cups of buttermilk with 1 teaspoon of vanilla. 5. In another bowl, combine: 4½ cups of flour and 1 tsp. of baking powder. 6. Add milk mixture alternately with flour mixture. Beat gently only until all of the ingredients are combined. 7. Pour into three 8-inch Bundt pans. 8. Bake at 325 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until cake tests done.

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Great Vacations Matter Because Great Memories Matter Most

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Everything you love about Viking, only better! A great destination is just one part of an amazing vacation. Just like having a master chef prepare your meal at your favorite restaurant, as one of Viking’s largest representatives, we’ve booked these vacations countless times. We intuitively know how to enhance the outcome of your experience so it consistently delivers above-and-beyond your expectations (and know when those special promotions such as extra shipboard credit or free airfare are available that you might not know about.) Whether you are interested in an individual reservation or want to travel together as a group, call 770-421-9627 for your free consultation on how to make your next vacation even better than you expected! Tip: If you’ve already booked direct with Viking in the last 60 days, contact us to add some additional bonuses to your reservation!

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SET SAIL IN 2022 New Ships and Countless Destinations

2022 is here, and the Viking Expedition ships are the newest way to explore the world! From the Arctic to Antarctica, the Chilean Fjords and Patagonia to the Great Lakes & Canada, these Polar-Class 6 ships set new standards for comfort and exploration. With just 6 decks and room for only 378 guests, this ship is prepared to set sail to some of the most remote

they are yellow submarines, and appropriately named Peter and Paul because the chairman loves The Beatles!) These independent experiences are all included in your cruise fare, and our industry-first in-ship hangar allows for stability as guests board these alternative exploration vehicles in comfort and safety.

destinations in the world. There are a variety of staterooms to choose from, all sure to provide the wow factor. For instance, the pool decks are beautiful and feature three different temperature pools. The dining experiences are second to none. Be prepared for live cooking and an open kitchen with a variety of delicious international flavors.

There are so many great ships and itineraries to choose from across the Viking fleet, and we love to educate our clients and help them choose the best fit for their vacation. So, whether you want a free personal consultation to help you decide the best time to go with the best promotions available, or want to check out the virtual tours of some of Viking’s most popular itineraries, we’re here to help. You can

Each destination has so much to offer, from the blue ice floating in the Arctic Ocean, to viewing adorable penguins up-close and polar bears (not so close!), to the remote islands of Scotland, to visiting areas near the equator. Be prepared to take in the beauty of the Canadian Maritimes or to visit Brazil’s lush rainforests. You can even explore Caribbean coral reefs by kayak or submersible vessels! (Yes,

give us a call, or just start exploring by going to the website at Click on “videos” where you can see some of our past recordings, and if you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll also get that extra $200 shipboard credit off of your next Viking vacation, too. Can’t wait to help you make some amazing vacation memories!

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