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Pommel Horse Cleaning Practices

It is important to note pommel horses are not all made the same. Some are leather and some have synthetic tops. Pommel Horses from different suppliers may react differently to different cleaners. We suggest applying a small amount of cleaner to a spot on the Pommel Horse that is out of sight

How to Clean a Spieth America Pommel Horse: • Tidy up the area to eliminate any hazards. • Brush down the top of the Pommel Horse. • Vacuum the pommel area. • Wipe the pommel top down with a damp cloth and disinfectant. • Wipe down the pommels. • Wipe down the underside of the pommel including the pommel nuts and washers. • Wash the pommel legs. • As you clean the pommel horse note any problems or missing parts and report any issues. • Wash Pommel Horse mats with TRUCE chalk remover or a similar product. • Allow area to dry before use. • Fill in cleaning log. to ensure the cleaner will not damage the material. Generally there will be some material you can access under the pommel top. If you are unsure of how to clean your Pommel Horse or what the material is please check with your Spieth America representative.

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