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Ring Tower Cleaning Practices

It is important to watch when cleaning Rings. The rings and straps are made from different materials and can be cleaned It does remove the chalk but they can be cleaned. Rings are very high and it will be very difficult to wipe down the entire apparatus. Concentrate on high touch areas and the use of a pole with an extension will help clean higher on the frame and cable. Gymnastics apparatus with cables has the ability to shift when the cables are released and can be shaky. Gymnastics apparatus may have releases that will move quickly, drop or snap if loosened incorrectly. If you have not adjusted the apparatus you are cleaning or are not sure ask for help. You could hurt yourself or someone else if you are not careful.

How to Clean a Spieth America Ring Tower: • Tidy up the area to eliminate hazards. • Ring tension should not be loosened during cleaning. • Sweep or vacuum chalk from mat and floor. • Wipe down apparatus and tie down system as high as safely possible with TRUCE disinfectant or similar product. • Wipe down rings and straps with a TRUCE disinfectant or similar product. • As you clean the Rings note any problems or missing parts and report any issues. • Apply TRUCE chalk remover or similar product to all matting using a sprayer or microfiber mop or cloth. • Remove Truce chalk remover or similar product with Truce Disinfectant or a similar product. • Allow area to dry before use. • Fill in cleaning log.

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