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Parallel Bars Cleaning Practices

It is important to note Parallel Bars have different adjustments for achieving height. Be very careful as turning the wrong handle could cause the rail to fall unexpectedly. A lot of old style Parallel Bars have a pinch point caused as the adjusting tube slides into the upright. Use caution and if you are not sure ask for help or direction or check with your Spieth America representative.

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How to Clean a Spieth America Parallel Bars: • Tidy up the area to eliminate any hazards. • Wipe rails with damp cloth with TRUCE disinfectant or similar product. • Wipe down the parallel bars uprights with damp cloth with TRUCE disinfectant or similar product. • Vacuum the parallel bars area. • As you clean the parallel bars area note any problems or missing parts and report any issues. • Wash parallel Bars mats with TRUCE chalk remover or a similar product. • Allow area to dry before use. • Fill in cleaning log.

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