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Cleaning Practices for Common Training Areas and Equipment

How to Clean Common Areas and Equipment: • Tidy up the area to eliminate hazards. • Wipe rails with damp cloth with TRUCE disinfectant or similar product. • Sweep or vacuum mats and floor. • Wipe down apparatus and tie down system with TRUCE disinfectant or similar product. • As you clean the equipment note any problems or missing parts and report any issues. To clean the pre school equipment and training equipment the steps listed for the competitive equipment will be very adaptable. If we you have questions or are not sure ask for help or check with your Spieth America representative. It is important to note most gymnastics clubs have preschool equipment, training equipment, wall bars, climbing ropes, and in some cases homemade or altered equipment. Spieth America does not promote the use of home made or altered equipment but recognizes it is in gyms. Gym clubs that choose to use homemade or altered equipment must accept total responsibility for that choice. It is important that all equipment is clean and safe. If a gym club has homemade or altered equipment it is important the equipment be finished in a way it can be cleaned and disinfected. If you have any questions regarding and equipment ask your Spieth America representative and they will be able to answer or help you find the answers you need.

TRUCE All Purpose & Chalk Remover Cleaners

• Apply TRUCE chalk remover or similar product to all matting using a sprayer or microfiber mop or cloth. • Remove Truce chalk remover or similar product with Truce Disinfectant or a similar product. • Allow area to dry before use. • Fill in cleaning log.


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