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Gymnastics Equipment Cleaning Processes

Every Gymnastics facility has a cleaning system in place. Going forward we suggest these systems be documented and monitored. This will help ensure cleaning is done in an efficient systematic way and nothing requiring cleaning is missed. There are a lot of clubs already with very detailed procedures in place; Spieth America believes this is now going to be the norm moving forward. We recommend cleaning schedules including the frequency, method and detailed cleaning procedure for each apparatus family. To make this easier we suggest clubs use: • Cleaning Check Lists by apparatus or area • Cleaning logs • Detailed SOP for each family of equipment We believe it is important that a space is set aside to store and prepare for cleaning and to store the cleaning supplies, products and equipment. Having a clean organized area will help show the importance of cleaning and disinfecting while making it easy to store things safely and helping to manage inventory. Please remember to have MSDS sheets close for any product requiring them. A binder next to the equipment helps accomplish this and containers must be clearly labeled with what the contents are. We would suggest chemicals be kept in a locked cabinet. There are a lot of good cleaners on the market and not all are available in all areas. We are offering TRUCE cleaner and disinfectant. They offer two products, one is for removing chalk and the other is disinfectant. We suggest checking with the WHO and/or the CDC to find what products and specifications are suggested. We have created standard cleaning documents for Spieth America equipment and cleaning checklists and logs to assist gymnastics facilities. Spieth America will have all the cleaning documents available on line. Please visit our web site or reach out to your Spieth America representative.

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