SA Cleaning Practices

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Top Ten Recommended Cleaning Practices

1. Use checklists to ensure all steps are followed.

2. Use cleaning logs as records to verify cleaning.

3. Wear all recommended safety equipment (PPE) and refer to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) sheets and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) if you are unsure of anything. Check with your supervisor if you are still unsure of anything.

4. Clean towards the exit.

5. Clean areas that are high traffic or touched often more frequently.

6. Clean from the top down to the bottom and from cleanest to dirtiest.

7. Start in one corner and move around the item being cleaned, be systematic to ensure you clean everything.

8. Never shake cleaning clothes or mops, this could spread droplets of dust and dirt.

9. Mop and wipe in a circular motion or figure eight motion to capture the most dirt.

10. Change mop heads and cloths as often as needed, micro fiber cloths and mops work well to contain dirt.

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