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Balance Beam Cleaning Practices

It is important to note all beams are not made the same. All materials covering beams are not the same. We suggest testing any cleaner on the bottom edge of the beam cover to see if it will react in any negative way with the beam material or adhesive. Some Spieth German balance beams and old Spieth America beams are made with a material that will be damaged by water. The new darker brown beams can be cleaned.

How to Clean a Spieth America Balance Beam: • Tidy up the area to eliminate any hazards. • A scrub brush works well to remove a lot of the dirt and chalk from the beam top. • Vacuum the area cracks around the mats beam legs, the joint on the beam leg where the brace tube attaches holds chalk and dust it is a good idea to vacuum there. • If the beam is newer and has the darker cover you can wash the beam top or steam clean it with an upholstery attachment. A light detergent is recommended. • If you have an older lite colored beam DO NOT USE LIQUID on this beam top. A light rub with a damp micro fiber cloth coated in a disinfectant solution is all that can be done to disinfect this beam. • Using a clean cloth apply cleaning solution to all the steel of the beam legs. Watch for grease on the crank beams. • As you clean the beam note any problems with the beam or missing parts. Things to look for are missing end caps, footpads. Any tears in the beam covers or mats should be noted and reported. • Clean the matting using TRUCE chalk remover or a similar product. • Allow area to dry before use. • Cover apparatus at night. Wipe down cover and store when coming in prior to workout • Fill in the cleaning log.

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