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Floor Cleaning Practices

It is important to note not all floors are made the same. Carpets from different suppliers may react differently to different cleaners. We suggest applying a small amount of cleaner to a spot on the carpet that is out of sight to ensure the cleaner will not damage the carpet. This can be accomplished easily with carpet bonded foam by lifting Velcro and apply a small amount of cleaner there. If you have a floor with exposed foam we would recommend installing a floor skirt or replacing the foam perimeter with a floor extension.

How to Clean a Spieth America Floor: • Tidy up the area to eliminate any hazards. • Vacuum carpeted surface. • Watch for and note any splits or excessive wear and report any issues. • Steam clean carpet using a light detergent. • Wash all mats and Velcro with a light detergent. • Wash floor skirt. • Allow area to dry before use. • Fill in the cleaning log.

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