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Executive Director Update

May 2016

ADMINISTRATION Staff is assisting IAIABC in planning the educational training for the upcoming 2016 convention in Portland, Maine. Virginia's reporting, projects and systems have recently been discussed as leaders in the nation by various workers' compensation professionals. Partnership with Virginia Tech's Pamplin Business School has been established for leadership training for Supervisors and Team Leaders. CLAIMS SERVICES The Virginia Employment Commission Summer Conference is scheduled for August 9th with both CSD and Insurance staff delivering presentations at the conference in Charlottesville. An update to the Commission on CSD operations occurred at the June 14th meeting. CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT Staff workstations for Analysts and Document Management have been realigned to improve operations. The impact of the paperless project is being monitored to ensure staffing requirements are maintained. CRIMINAL INJURIES COMPENSATION FUND Medical providers and CICF staff are collaborating on the automated system which was implemented in the 6.2 release. EDI – QUALITY ASSURANCE Claim Administrators audit was completed and report cards were produced on June 7th; interviews for the Compliance Technician position were held this week; CMD's Devin Doyle was selected and will be promoted. FINANCIAL SERVICES Training for employees on travel regulations will be provided. ARMICS project is on schedule to meet all requirements. Employee survey results are being analyzed by outside contractor to communicate results to employees. HUMAN RESOURCES The My Timesheet software is expected to end on June 24th to implement the new TimeStar system. Training will be provided to all staff. INFORMATION SECURITY Employees using the DMV database are encouraged to sign on to this system every so often to prevent their access from being rescinded. INFORMATION SYSTEMS Upgrades to the server room were completed. Preparations for the 6.3 release are underway; the next release is planned for late fall. INSURANCE An assessment of the current compliance efforts, including the fines and penalties applied is underway. The Virginia Employer Non-Compliance website is ready to be launched. A public awareness campaign on this site is being developed to announce this new website which will go live in early July.

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