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Our Monthly Climb The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


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Our Monthly Climb The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


Alongsidewith the taskofbecomingmorementallybalancedwith the things that you spend time with in your life is the challenge of becoming more physically balanced.Therearecertainmarkersthattypically indicatetroublewithmaintaining balance,suchasfrequentlytrippingandfallingorfeelingdizzywhenstandingtoo long. But even if you are not having fundamental issues with your ability to stay balanced in this way, you may still have difficulty with whole-body balance. Yoga isagreatformofexercise touse to improveyourability tobalance,asyogahelps to strengthen core muscles and improve coordination.

There are a million and one tips that are passed down generation to generation aboutthekeytoa longandsuccessful life.Somesaythesecrettoa longandhappy life is to focus on family; others say it all comes down to finding the right career. Whatever choices you make in your life, and whatever your values are, there are several fundamental truths thatarealmostalwaysaccurate:Tostayhealthy,you must stay active, and to stay happy, you must stay balanced. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL BALANCE Stayingactiveandstayingbalanced inmanywaysgohand inhand.Stayingactive refers to the amount of activity that you engage in daily.This of course can refer to howmuch time you spend at the gym, but it can also refer to howmany steps you take inaday,howoftenyoufindyourself runningaround theoffice,andhow frequently you head out to the backyard to run around with your children or your dog.Balance inmanywaysworksonthesameprinciples.Therearesomeactivities that you do every day because you have to do them — work often falls into this category, as do household chores. But what about the activities that you simply love to do? What about the activities that you enjoy? Thinkabout the last time thatyousatdownwithabook thatyou lovedandmade yourself a cup of tea or coffee and really enjoyed the moment. Perhaps it isn’t reading that you wish you had more time for, but instead it is a garden that has grown weeds as it has been neglected. It could be a project at your home that youhave looked forward tocompletingoranoldcar thatyou’vewanted tofixup. There are special hobbies and interests that appeal to each of us, and spending time with those hobbies can help you live a more balanced life.

You can improve your physical balance by: • Increasing muscle strength • Improving stamina

• Improving core strength • Practicing balancing techniques

Inadditiontofindingyourmentalbalancewithhowyouspendyourtime,becoming more physically balanced is just as important. There are certain markers that typically indicate trouble with maintaining balance, such as frequently tripping and falling,or feelingdizzywhenstanding too long.Buteven ifyouarenothaving fundamental issues with your physical balance, you may still have difficulty with whole-bodybalance.Yoga isagreatformofexercisetouseto improveyourability to balance, as yoga helps to strengthen core muscles and improve coordination.

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Staying Active & Better Balanced (Continued)

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE You don’t need to grow up as an athlete to enjoy exercise as an adult. There is no point in your life where it is too late to start being more active than you currently are.Thereareplentyofways to incorporate lightactivity intoyour lifestyle,suchas: • Taking a walk in the evening with your family • Wearing a pedometer and trying to take more steps every day • Joiningyour localcommunitycenterandusing thepool toswim lapsseveral times a week • Engaging in light weight training at home before work • Taking a yoga class These are just several examples of how you could incorporate more activity into your lifestylewithoutmakingmany largechangestoyourwayof life. Ifyoufeelthat your physical health or an old injury is holding you back from being active, contact us. Working with a physical therapist can help you achieve improved balance and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re suffering from back or neck pain, call Ascent Physical Therapy at 503.427.0118 to schedule your appointment today, or visit for more information.

Thinkaboutthepercentageoftimethatyouspendworkingduringtheweek.Formost people this number is well over 40 hours per week!Then consider how much time is spent driving to and from work and around town on errands, and then consider the time spent doing things you have to do at home, like the dishes or the laundry. Thenreallythinkabouthowmuchtimeyouarespendingdoingthethingsthatmake you feel better — including those hobbies that you love, but also being active and engaging with the people you care about. Partofbecomingamorebalancedpersonmeansfindingways tospendyour time more wisely and taking more time for yourself as needed.

Improve Balance In Minutes! Try this simple exercise to keep you moving

Healthy Seasonal Recipe

• 10 tbsp cocoa powder • 6 tbsp maple syrup • 1/4 cup almond butter • 1/4 cup unflavored pea protein powder • ½ tsp peppermint extract • 1/4 tsp sea salt • 2-4 tbsp crushed candy canes • 2-4 tbsp dairy free chocolate chips (optional) CHOCOL ATE PEPPERMINT PROTEIN BALLS


Put everything except the candy cane or cacao nibs, chocolate chips and water into a bowl and mix well. Slowly add water if needed (You may not need any water if your almond butter is runny). Start with a teaspoon and slowly add until you get a well mixed batter. If you add too much then the batter will be too soft to roll. Add the candy canes/cacao nibs and chocolate chips and mix again. Allow to chill in the fridge while you clean up, then roll into balls. Recipe:

Sit to Stand Start by scooting close to the front of the chair. Next, lean forward at your trunk, reach forward with your arms, and rise to standing without using your hands to push off from the chair or other object. Use your arms as a counter-balance by reaching forward when in sitting and lower them as you approach standing. Repeat 15 times.

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Provider Update

Patient Success Spotlight

MeetOurNewPhysicalTherapist,SteffiTschoeke! Steffi grew up in Madison, Wisconsin where she attended the University of Wisconsin and received herbachelor’sdegree inKinesiology.Afterundergrad, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she attended Emory University for her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. While attending Physical Therapy school shewas trained inPilatesbased rehab,and received the Johnny Morgan Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice.Aftergraduation,SteffimovedouttoPortlandwithherfiancéandhasbeen working in the outpatient orthopedic setting ever since. Steffi’sfavoritepartaboutbeingaphysicaltherapist isbeingabletoworkcloselywith patients and design treatments around each patient’s unique goals and interests. While she enjoys treating all orthopedic conditions, she has a special interest in treating youth athletes and soccer players. Whennot in theclinic,Stefficanbe foundplayingsoccer, reading, running,cheering ontheBadgers,andspendingtimeoutsidewithher2dogs.Shecan’twaittocontinue hiking and backpacking through the Pacific Northwest and is always welcome to suggestions from patients of where to go on her next adventure.

I had back issues for 3+ years, especially on my left side. It was so bad that I could hardly get in and out of my car without miserable pain. Shopping, walking, working in my garden, and cleaning my home was so painful. I literally just laid on my sofa with a hot pad. Now I can do just about anything without thinking about it. Keeping up with my exercises is a must now and of great importance. I feel like I have a life again and can tackle the hard things that come up in my life. I never lose a moment to share my experience with friends and whoever asks me about my change. I so appreciate Pat and his staff here at Ascent and can say it’s been an encouraging and positive experience. Thank you from the heart! - Nickie G.

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