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Some of you may have heard me mention my daughter’s dog, also known as my “grand-dog,” Alabama. Jamese had Alabama for several years, and in that time, they grew very close. She adopted the dog from a couple going through a divorce. Neither person could keep her, and Jamese’s warm heart stepped in to accept this new addition to her life. Alabama was a lap dog, and Jamese welcomed her into her home. A couple months ago, when Jamese flew to Massachusetts for my fitness competition, Alabama was nearing the end of her life, so Jamese was dealing with the heartache that comes with being away from a sick pet. Alabama had recently been diagnosed with cancer after they found two tumors. When Jamese first found out Alabama was sick, she wanted to make sure this little dog had the best last days possible. She made a lot of effort to comfort Alabama. She took her on special trips to the beach where she could walk and play. She let her have gourmet food and gave her all the comforts she knew Alabama enjoyed. Jamese gave her so much love, and Alabama returned it. Soon after Jamese got home from her East Coast trip, her boyfriend was out taking Alabama for a walk when Jamese got a call from him. “She’s dying,” he said. He carried her home, and Alabama died that night in their arms. The Bond We Build With Our Pets HONORING ALABAMA

It was very traumatic for Jamese to go through the experience of losing Alabama, but she did everything she could to give her pet the best life. She had a last happy walk and an amazing last meal. She knew she was loved. In fact, Alabama waited for Jamese to get back from her trip before passing. She made sure her humans were home, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it happened that way. Life comes full circle. The sadness we experience is part of the recognition of the joy we felt. When Alabama passed, it was in the middle of the night East Coast time. Nevertheless, when her sisters heard the news, they were there for Jamese immediately. Jasmine and Jamelah supported and sent love to Jamese as she went through this challenging time. We were all up most of the night providing words of comfort and support to our Jamese. It’s one of those things that the girls’ dad and I always instilled in them — to have each other’s back. “You’ll get mad at each other,” we told them, “and you’ll have your fights, but at the end of the day, you are there for each other.” On the day Alabama died, they exhibited what we taught them in all aspects.

–Polly Tatum

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