CoreSolutions: The Ideal Treatment For Low Back Pain



When you get home after a long day at the office or after finishing that long jog you have worked so hard to accomplish, you probably sit down and rub your feet with a gentle massage as you take off your shoes. We rub our necks and shoulders when we are dealing with stress at work. We rub our backs with our knuckles after a long drive in the car or when we are feeling stiff and want to stimulate blood flow throughout our body. You are already utilizing the basic benefits of massage to experience relief fromdaily concerns. And if you are experiencing even small benefits from just these little touches of massage, then imagine the relief you could experience from true massage therapy. Massage therapy goes beyond the basics of massage. Even a simple massage performed by a friend or family member in a casual environment,

even for just a fewminutes, is incredibly comforting. There is something about the brief experience of pressure on a tired muscle that can stimulate you to find the energy you need to power through the rest of your day. Massage therapy is highly recommended for the treatment of tension and stress in the muscles and joints, either as a result of tension buildup from mental stress or from physical challenges.

Massage therapy is proven to: • Alleviate tension • Reduce pain • Improve flexibility and range of motion • Alleviate tension headaches • Reduce depression and anxiety • Boost your immune system

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