C+S December 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 12 (web)

• Pre-slab pour inspections • Post-tensioning layout verification

continuity, even with physical distancing measures in place. Using a combination of aerial and ground technology, we created a virtual bid walk solution that allows us to perform inspections and condition as- sessments of assets safely and effectively. Enabled by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), drone imagery, surveil- lance modelling, and a GoPro Max 360 camera, we now provide pro- spective contractors access to the project site while keeping everyone physically distanced and safe. Instead of an entire team physically walking the manufacturing site, a single employee and a member of the project team can now conduct the entire site walkthrough gathering 360-degree video and audio of the entire event. A recording is then made available online to all bidding contractors and the client’s staff, allowing viewers of the virtual bid walk to conduct regular site meetings through a web-based platform to review the site discuss details and features of the project. Our virtual solution is made up of four key components: 1. Assessment: Addressing Needs in Advance For GHD Digital’s Aerial and Ground Intelligence (AGI) team, un- derstanding client requirements is only the first step. When it comes Further, drones are now catching the attention of other Moss employ- ees. Additional team members are expressing interest in becoming Part 107 certified to fly missions and with safety and compliance standards in place, Moss is off to a great start. It’s possible that many companies who are looking to launch drone operations may not know where to start. Even if they own drones and have certified pilots, developing a program that can scale up, remain safe and comply with federal regulations and company policies comes with additional challenges. Turn to a drone management provider who can help your organization implement a one-stop shop of tools and training resources to start flying a high-value, low-risk drone operation as soon as your team is ready. In addition to finding a drone manage- ment platform that can support your team’s needs and manage your flights, establishing standard operating procedures, securing the right equipment and completing certification, in-person classroom training and hands-on flight training exercises will help set your team up for a successful drone program launch. MIKE MORRIS is a customer success manager at Skyward, a Verizon company. As an experienced customer relations manager with a demonstrated history of working with unmanned aerial systems, Mike helps reinforce best practices for drone adoption and management for Skyward’s customers.

• Solar array inspections • Aerial surveillance during demolitions • 3D construction mapping to compare actual construction progress to 3D planning models • Videography for promotion • Photography showing the view from an office window or balcony that hasn’t yet been constructed Skyward instructs Moss on hands-on flight practice, a critical component of the company’s three-day, in-person training.

Maximizing Data and Predicting Outcomes Using Aerial Intelligence for Virtual Site Walkthroughs By Zachary Powers

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge our most basic business operations, forcing companies to be agile, adaptive, and find alterna- tive solutions to keep projects on time and on target. Under regular circumstances, a bid walk enables contractors to physi- cally survey a site, gather information, ask questions, and assess the scope and size of a project. When the pandemic struck, most physical bid walks were delayed or cancelled. An essential practice for the as- sessment of scope was nearly impossible to resume without risking the health and safety of everyone involved. What we needed was an alternative to a physical site walkthrough that would provide the same benefits as the real thing. GHD Digital wanted to create a solution that would ensure project



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