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EWS Record-breaking tiny centenary celebration logo only a hundredth of a millimetre in size

To honour Finland’s centenary celebration, a silicon structure, based on the official logo of the centennial, was created at Aalto University using an Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100 ICP-RIE system. Doctor of Nanotechnology Nikolai Chekurov created the structure in Micronova’s cleanroom in Espoo. His method combined focused ion beams with cryogenic deep reactive ion etching, where the target is first bombed with heavy ions and then etched with inductively coupled plasma reactive-ion etching (ICP-RIE). The logo, which is only one-hundredth of a millimetre in size, is so tiny that it can barely be seen with an optical microscope. The logo’s smallest structures are under a micrometre, i.e. one-thousandth of a millimetre, in size. ‘Naturally, this method has other practical applications as well. It can be used to create different microstructures that can be utilised in many ways, for example in photonics, measuring small amounts of liquids, or as mechanical microsensors.’ Wafer Processing Service Our wafer processing service provides access to our full range of process solutions for thin film deposition and etches. Offering this service allows us to support our customers from initial proof of concept through to pilot production. When ready, our customers can decide to continue with the processing service or to purchase their own equipment. Our wafer process service will continue to support our customers during the build and installation period of their new system. For further information contact us at Images & article courtesy of Nikolai Chekurov/Micronova, Aalto University

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