Digital Print Ink - January 2020

JAN 2020

DIGITALPRINTINK.NET 40 YEARS AND COUNTING WHAT’S NEW ... G reetings and happy New Year to you. As we transition into the new year by saying goodbye to 2019, I hope this newsletter finds you healthy, happy, and feeling terrific! If not, I hope you soon will be.


Reflecting on 2019 and Looking Ahead to the New Decade

Everyone made it back from DPI’s short vacation during Christmas week. Thank you for allowing us that time away. No one traveled very far, but we did enjoy the time we spent with our families. Molly in customer service traveled to Perryville, while Olivia in pre-press traveled to Hartville. They were some of our farthest travelers! As we begin this new year, I wanted to share some of the many new things that happened at DPI Printing & Signs. One of our biggest moves was our expansion into the large sign business. I’m proud of the employees who had to get outside their comfort zones to learn new skills and make this possible. We have a wonderful team that believes in looking for a way rather than an excuse . Anytime you grow 2000% in one division, it’s new skills that make this possible. “We have a wonderful team that believes in looking for a way rather than an excuse .”

This is a picture I found from prior sheep days.

We added several new employees last year, which means there has been a lot

of training and learning around the DPI Printing & Signs office. The additions have been worth it, and I really appreciate Laurie, Cortney, and Wanda for helping our new employees learn the DPI way. On a more personal note, there were many life changes for our DPI team. We had employees lose family members, help with aging parents, and one of us even got married. For me, 2019 was the year I decided to get back into raising sheep and Jan and I watched our granddaughter, Sydney Grace, head off to college. We were sad but also excited for her next adventure. As much as we may want things to remain the same, the fact is that change happens, and sometimes it happens a lot. One of my favorite phrases when facing these changes is “This too shall pass.” We can always count on the hope that comes from change, whether it’s the hope of a new year, or the thought that things will be better in the future. There’s a well- known quote that I’ve always loved to remember when I’m looking ahead: “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” As we turn the page to another new year, know that any change begins with a thought and is followed by action. If DPI can help you anticipate changes in your business, give us a call or email




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