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Melissa at the 13 mile marker during her first half marathon

I n all aspects of our lives, a little preparation goes a long way. I learned that the hard way when it came to endurance walking. This story takes place in May of 2010. At the time, I had been seeing my husband, Dave, for a few months. We hadn’t even begun calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet, so you can imagine my surprise when he asked to come along after I told him I was visiting my parents in St. Louis for Memorial Day Weekend. I think my response was, “Um, okay.” Of course, I was eager to impress, so I made sure that we had plenty of events lined up. I set up a trip to Six Flags on Saturday, signed us up for a 10K run on the morning of Memorial Day, and got tickets to a Cardinals game that evening. It was a packed schedule, but I was sure it would be a fun weekend. After our trip to Six Flags, my feet were shredded. Nobody told me that it was a bad idea to get a pedicure before walking for hours, but it’s something I’ll never forget. Even before we started the 10k, I wasn’t sure I could make it to the finish line. Dave, ever the gentleman, told me that he would run the race and then head backward to find me. Dave’s a noted exercist — not the kind with the head spinning, but the kind that loves working out — so he didn’t think it’d be any problem. Against all odds, I managed to make it to the finish line, with Dave encouraging me all the way. When we got back to my parents’ house, however, Dave’s legs tightened up. I guess all those extra miles took their toll. We got in the pool, loosened up a bit, and got to the game in time for opening pitch. After that brief post-race shock, Dave was fine. I felt good too, until about a week later. After we returned, I felt incredibly drained. Not sick, per se, but just not at my best. The only thing I can compare it to is the feeling you have during the first trimester of a pregnancy. Your energy is sapped and the days seem to drag on at a snail’s pace. Turns out you shouldn’t tackle a 10k without training for it, especially if your feet are already worn down. My body just needed to recover, and I eventually started to feel better.

Since that learning experience, I’ve completed two half marathons with the Team in Training program for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You can bet that I didn’t go into those with a fresh pedicure or without practice. Because I raised money for this worthy cause, they were willing to provide me with training for the race. The difference between how I felt after those races and that first 10k was night and day. Preparation matters just as much in legal matters as it does in athletic ones.

Melissa and Dave during the Memorial Day 10k

Somebody may tell you that you don’t need an attorney after an auto accident, but the fact is that you haven’t prepared to be in that situation. I spent countless hours in the classroom in pursuit of a law degree, studied for and passed the bar, and have been practicing as an attorney for more than 10 years. That level of preparation allows me to help clients navigate through tough processes. It can make all the difference when it comes to resolving your situation with the best possible outcome. -Melissa Emery


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