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We need more holidays like Thanksgiving — no running around to buy presents, no ceremonies, and no dress code — just good food and even better company. It’s maybe the most “laid back” day of the year, especially when you’re hosted by loved ones. Then even the cooking is largely out of your hands! Of course, Emilie and I have hosted in years past, cooking up a feast for relatives on both sides of the family. Even then, those years were far more relaxing compared to facing a steady stream of trick-or- treaters or the chaos of Christmas shopping. Well, okay, the few times we fried the turkey came with a few hair-raising moments, but nothing caught fire, and the end result was more than worth it! But this year, the Ulmers won’t be running the show. We’ll be packing up the kids and heading to Minnesota to visit Emilie’s sister for the holiday! The plan is to head out Wednesday and get back Saturday. As tempting as it is to spend that extra day with family we only see a few times a year, the Sunday traffic after Thanksgiving is no laughing

matter. The last thing we want is to come into the clinic sore and beleaguered from a car ride the night before. (Of course, if you’re in pain from your holiday travels, feel free to come on down!) Still, having roughly three days to spend with relatives is sure to be a great time. In years past, we’ve watched football, movies, and played plenty of board games. It’s relaxing to have little more to do than find ways to have fun. And then, of course, we have the feast. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. As long as I get turkey and stuffing on my plate, I’m a happy camper — all the other side dishes and desserts are just a bonus. Of course, the food and leisure time that comes with Thanksgiving is more than just a great way to spend a long weekend. I’d argue this relaxation helps us focus on what the holiday is all about: thankfulness. During the year, it’s easy to allow immediate needs and annoyances to push our appreciation for loved ones and good fortune into the background. But, when we have a few days to slow down and reflect on life, we can see what we have more clearly. Of course, writing this article ahead of time helps me reflect on these things early — without any turkey to lend a hand.

Still, I’m fortunate that the bright points in my life are very easy to spot. On the professional side, I’ve seen so many patients make incredible progress. Watching people recover and get back to the activities they love never fails to bring a smile to my face, and this year has had plenty of smiles. It’s a great reminder of how lucky I am to do what I do at a growing clinic my family has built together. Speaking of family, mine is in great health! Grandma is still doing well, and we haven’t had any major scares recently. Zach and Nathan have transitioned to their new grade levels smoothly and are maturing into fine young men. Emilie continues to be the best partner I could have ever asked for in building the clinic and raising our kids. Words can’t capture how lucky I feel to have built this life together. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! –Mike Ulmer


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