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As the hype from Christmas and New Year’s festivities starts winding down, we turn our sights on the next big holiday celebration: Valentine’s Day. While this day, centered on love and relationships, might not be as widely acknowledged as other holidays are, taking the time to commemorate those closest to you is one of the most important acts you can do. That is why this month, I would like to shamelessly highlight my amazing and beautiful wife, Casey. (Ok, I’m obviously trying to earn some brownie points here, but read on and you’ll understand why she’s so awesome). Casey and I met in June of our first year of medical school at the American Medical Association Convention in Chicago. At a party one night of the convention, I went with another student from my medical school, who was a really big schmoozer. He seemed to know all the women at the convention. When we arrived, I offered to get us some drinks and when I returned, he was dancing with about eight women from Mississippi. As I was introduced to all of them, I tried to give them each a unique greeting. When my eyes locked with Casey’s, my ability for creative thinking vanished and I was forced to depend upon my New Jersey roots— I gave her the best “How YOU doin?” I could. Knowing how cheesy it really sounded left us both cracking up. We haven’t stopped laughing together ever since. The first three years of our relationship, we dated long distance because she was attending medical school in Mississippi, and I was in school in New Orleans. A week

Living in a society where the longevity of the marriage union is becoming exponentially rarer, Casey and I understand the hard work associated with staying together and staying in love for nearly two decades. We’ve certainly had ups and downs, but it’s the fun we share and the way our personalities pair together that keeps our relationship aflame. Casey is the type of partner that continuously challenges me. She helps me strive to better myself as a husband, a father, and a surgeon, but she also keeps me grounded. She is the type of partner that encourages me to do the activities that I like to do. We’ve always made the effort to avoid dictating what we think the other should or shouldn’t do. The only controlling thing Casey does is to improve my clothing selection, as she dictated I cannot wear my clothes from college anymore… just when they are making a comeback, too. Lastly, our shared profession in medicine means that we are both extremely busy, but it also means that we understand each other’s worlds better than most. As cliché as it may be, Casey makes me want to be a better person. Morally, ethically, and spiritually, she encourages me to strive for more. She’s always been supportive of me and my dreams, and I can’t thank her enough for being my partner in love and in life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

after we graduated and both became doctors, we were married. She joined me in Louisiana right after the honeymoon, and we both started completing our residencies. It was definitely a hectic time for both of us, but looking back on those busy weeks 17 years ago, I know neither of us would change a thing. We joyously lived the New Orleans life for four years. That was where we truly learned how much fun we have together. One of our favorite pastimes, both as individuals and a couple, is finding new restaurants and relishing in the fun and delicious experience of sampling various foods and wines we’ve never had before. Residing in The Big Easy, it was almost impossible for us not to become foodies. We stayed there until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit, and we were forced to evacuate and I finished my residency in Mississippi. Afterwards, we headed up here to Nashville where we have continued our tradition of indulging our palates.

–Dr. Mike

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