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Unique Church Service With a unique approach to evan­ gelism, the Trinity Baptist Church of Indio, California, recently main­ tained a booth in the nationally- known Riverside County Date Festi­ val. Trinity pastor, the Rev. Frank Mercer, a, graduate of Biola, stated, “We felt that the church should have a means of giving a witness to the thousands of people who visited the Festival. We took our ‘cue’ from the various Christian pavilions at the New York World’s Fair. After much prayer and consideration (and ap­ proximately 1,000 v o l un t e e r man hours), the project was completed. We felt the response was most en­ couraging with more than 300,000 people attending the Festival, and many of them viewing our presenta­ tion.” The church committee selected two color films, “World’s Fair Encoun­ ter” from Billy Graham, and “ City of the Bees,” produced by Moody Institute of Science. The presenta­ tions were continuous. Church’s Festival booth The church sponsors a daily radio program entitled, “ Morning Chimes.” The booth appropriately carried this title. The Fair officials presented the booth a “ special award” ribbon as a result of their efforts during the 11- day exposition. Many Christians ex­ pressed confidence for witnessing they received as a result of the Church’s ministry. The booth was 20 x 40 feet and was covered by a canvas tent. Seats were set up with an aisle down the middle. A garden display was mounted at the front, using plants, colored rocks, tan bark, artificial flowers and lights. Wooden clocks with movable hands were mounted outside the tent. There was one for each film indicating times for next showings. Descriptive mimeo­ graphed flyers were handed out to those passing by. The church anticipates undertak­ ing a similar project next year. Any churches interested in further infor­ mation for similar projects for their own area, are invited to contact Rev. Mr. Mercer. His church has set up a continuing committee to assist in future projects.

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Bibles and Books Scofield Bible — Retail and Wholesale — AM Editions — Fresh Stock — Gold Stamping — Thumb Index — Fowler's Christian Book Store, 113 Main Street, Hamburg, New York 14075. RELIGIOUS BOOKS PURCHASED — Any size library. Send list, or write for details. Baker Book House, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. Bible Lessons Krata-Kraft Bible Lessons now available. Write for free catalog. Bookstore discounts. Message of Life, Box 14, Ahwahnee, California 93601. Bibles Rebound Write for illustrated price list from nation's largest Bible rebinding specialists. Work Guaran­ teed. Norris Bookbinding Co., 122 Stone, Green­ wood, Mississippi. Help Wanted Large Rescue Mission needs additional staff workers. Single or married. Board, room, compen­ sation. Write P.O. Box 202, Seattle 11, Wash. Independent, Fundamental, Bible Church needs Director of Christian Education. Send resume of training and experience to Spring Branch Com­ munity Church, 9560 Long Point, Houston, Texas 77055. _______________________________ _____ MUSIC STORE MANAGER: organs, pianos, small instruments. State experience, instruments played, and church affiliation. Ivar Johnson, 801 East 14th Street, Oakland, California. Music Correct and singable hymn music, composed, ar­ ranged, edited and printed. Folders free. Ray­ mond Iden (KB), Mount Vernon, Ohio.

"Every day of my

life as I min­ ister, I thank God for Talbot T h e o l o g i c a l Seminary which academically and spiritually equipped me with both a

consistent, well — defined theo­ logical frame of reference and a carefully planned system for interpreting God's Word. My days at Talbot were the most significant of my life." Rev. MacArthur

Rev. John MacArthur MacArthur Memorial Bible Church Burbank, California



Send to Prayer Time, The King’s Business maga zine, 558 So. Hope, Los Angeles 17, California.


A staff of sixteen dedicated Christian psycho­ logists and professional counselors plus one full­ time medical doctor. Evaluation and therapy for personality, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, pre­ marriage, marriage, parent-child, vocational, and educational problems. Fees are minimum. DR. CLYDE M. NARRAMORE, Director PHONE MU 1-5669 THE CHRISTIAN COUNSELING CENTER 35 So. Raymond Pasadena, Calif. THE CONVERSION CENTER Inc. A soul-winning mission to Roman Catholic priests, nuns and people. 500 million Roman Catholics lost without love, trapped by traditions, paralyzed by popery, deceived by the Devil. 47,000 priests, 138,000 nuns dedicated to “ MAKE AMER­ ICA CATHOLIC.” Will you help keep America free to evangelize the world? Pray, eive, write for .soul-winning material. 18 W. Eagle Ro., Havertown, Pennsylvania Rev. Alex O. Dunlap, Director

• /i completely new series of one and two bedroom units • Fully air conditioned (heated and re­ frigerated) • Lease available completely furnished or unfurnished • Complete recreational facilities , club house and chapel • Three miles from center of Phoenix. New shopping centers close to door for a descriptive brochure, write: SHARON GARDENS 3025 West McDowell Road Phoenix, Arizona



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