Weekly Flyer April 4-10, 2018

SAVE $5.99 on 2 Organic Strawberries 1 lb. Eat them plain, or use for baking and smoothies, these nutrient-rich berries make it easy to incorporate healthy into your everyday diet.

Sales Valid Wed. April 4 – Tues. April 10


SAVE up to $6/lb. Grass Fed Ribeye & NY Strip Steaks Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones, Raised on 100% non-GMO Grass Pastures, High in Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid $6.99/lb. Whole Loins

SAVE $4/lb. Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Fillet 100% Traceable and Sustainably Sourced All

SAVE $2/lb. Wild Caught Alaska Cod Fillets 100% Traceable and Sustainably Sourced, No Water Additives or Preservatives, Frozen at Sea

Earth Fare Salmon is non-GMO, Superior Flavor, Great Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Product of the USA (Alaska), Frozen at Sea

4/ $ 5 SAVE 96¢ on 4

$ 6 99/lb. SAVE $4/lb. Curry Chicken Salad From the Earth Fare Kitchen The distinctive taste of sweet curry, blended with raisins and cashews. Made

2/ $ 4 SAVE $1 on 2 Organic Green, Red,

Hass Avocados An excellent source of healthy Omega-3 fats, studies show eating avocados supports cardiovascular health, healthy aging, and weight management. Consider eating avocados daily or several times a week. 10%OFF Bulk Select Varieties Shopping in Bulk allows you to get just the right amount of the things you love, try new things, reduce waste, and save money. Excludes pre-packaged items, bulk coffee, bulk tea, and bulk herbs.

& Lacinato Kale A nutritional Superfood, Kale is low in calories, high in fiber, iron, and vitamins.

Fresh In-House, American Humane Certified Chicken, Never Administered Antibiotics or Growth Hormones.

2/ $ 5 SAVE $2.98 on 2 Hydrate High pH Alkaline IonizedWater 1 Gallon

20%OFF Tom’s of Maine BRAND WIDE SALE All Sizes & Varieties Tom’s of Maine is committed to high quality standards, never using artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, or preservatives, and never testing on animals.

Hydrate your life with this delicious, high pH, alkaline, ionized spring water. No chemicals or buffers added.

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