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Choosing Kindness

Kindness is a really big part of what we do here at Elite PT. We strive to treat our patients with kindness from the minute they walk through the door. In fact, we go beyond that — we want our patients to be treated like family. We want to be here for you. It’s easy to take acts of kindness for granted, but they are not a given. Being kind is a choice we get to make. The day dedicated to it this month is a good reminder to choose kindness when we have so many other options. It’s something we get to choose in every situation. Kind acts don’t have to be elaborate. I’ve heard of running groups that pick up litter along their runs and people who “pay it forward” in a line at a coffee shop. I like to find small acts of kindness I can do throughout my day. At the grocery store, I like to push the carts from the parking lot to the store. I like to open doors for others. I enjoy speaking to strangers (I know this isn’t everyone’s thing) and hearing their stories.

When we heard Feb. 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day, we started thinking about the ways we see kindness every day: Our spouses surprising us with coffee, a coworker or patient bringing in treats they baked, or a neighbor assisting an elderly person with the upkeep of their home. The Humane Society of Louisiana even sponsored a 1,000 Acts of Kindness campaign in December to encourage people to perform good deeds that month. Acts of kindness happened across the state in response. Then there are stories of kindness like one that went viral last year. A local grocery store clerk noticed that a young man with autism was fascinated with his task of restocking shelves, so the clerk patiently walked him through the activity. Seeing

the influence his actions had on their son, the young man’s parents returned the clerk’s act of kindness by starting a Go Fund Me campaign for his college tuition. They collected over $100,000 for his education. Stories like these make us feel good, and they no doubt have a profound impact on the recipients of the acts. in front of us at work every day. It’s the patients who tell their PTs what a difference they’ve made in their life, the PTs who go the extra mile to find an activity their patients love, or a coworker going out of their way to ask if everything’s okay when they can tell someone’s had a hard day. Often, the acts of kindness that impact us most are the ones happening right

What acts of kindness speak to you? We’d love to hear your stories.

–Bart Jones & Don Cassano

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