Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Stephen Simpson Celebrating 10 Years of

His dazzling floral artworks have been showcased by Emporio Armani and at our galleries nationwide, with our collectors regularly sharing photographs of his work in their homes for our #YourWorldOurArt competition. To toast his landmark anniversary, we invited Stephen to Castle HQ to discover his secrets for an artistic career that continues to blossom.

“Bold”, “eye-catching” and “tactile”. It is these three words that Stephen chooses to describe his work when he visits our artist management department to talk us through a selection of his original artworks. The beautiful 3D paintings are each as unique as a flower petal; created by hand, they boast a range of finishes, including glitter and his trademark glossy resin coating. “They are transformed in different lights,” explains the artist. “Each painting takes on a life of its own, just like a real flower. These flowers will last a lifetime, though; they’ll never fade or wilt. That’s what makes my art a meaningful gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.” Since signing with our publishers, Washington Green, in 2011, Stephen has grown in confidence. He says: “At my first event at the Newcastle gallery, I was dressed in a suit and tie like I was going to a job interview – I was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life. After that exhibition, confidence in myself and what I was doing grew. Now I save the suit for weddings!”



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