Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Typically, this season brings with it associations of new beginnings, flowers opening to herald the end of dark and colder days, and we emerge from our winter hibernations reinvigorated by the promise of brighter times ahead. Clichés aside, never has the sense of spring awakening been keener than now. The promise of renewed acquaintances and greater personal freedom lies tantalisingly close, as does the imminent upturn in commerce thanks to businesses reopening across the UK. Taking a somewhat myopic view on the latter, it is with a collective sigh of relief that we are able to open the doors to our galleries and welcome back our much-missed collectors, and friends, once more. The teams of Art Consultants in our galleries have done wonders during the various stages of tier systems and lockdowns over the last year. Make no mistake, it hasn’t been easy, or indeed - I would suggest - enjoyable at times, but

they’ve shown true grit and resilience in the face of adversity. They are quite simply the best at what they do because they love the interaction they get from talking to people about the art, and artists, that they’re passionate about in their galleries. None of which has been possible for quite some time. However, they have demonstrated admirable versatility and adapted to the ever-changing circumstances with indefatigable aplomb. They did so by embracing what is so special about Castle Fine Art; the art on our walls, and the joy it brings to people. Video calls have been used to present brand new art, their windows have been transformed into stages to conduct viewings, curated in advance with the art they know their client will love (albeit from the other side of the glass), and social media has been yet another tool in their arsenal, to keep in touch with our artists and collectors alike.

Arguably, elements of the above will no doubt recede as the need for them diminishes, but the relationships that our Art Consultants have built – and grown – with their clients during the last twelve months, bolstered by a genuine want and need to check and in and say hi, will endure. The reintroduction of gallery events and exhibitions will merely be an added bonus to this newly- established mode of interaction. I leave you with comments made to me in passing by one of our Gallery Managers, said with such conviction that it took root firmly in my mind: “To be able to lift people’s spirits, through whatever medium, was a refreshing reminder of the uniqueness of our jobs. Who knows what the landscape will look like when we open our doors once again, but we face it with great excitement, knowing art has prevailed, and will continue to do so”.

Daniela Quinlan Editor

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