Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Dan Lane

In his dark and intricate sculptures, Dan Lane twists natural forms through mechanical intervention, presenting an industrial version of life. Antiquity meets contemporary culture in his Modern Relics series, which sees Dan juxtapose a modern aesthetic against classical form in this singular body of work. Dan says: “I first created the original for this stainless steel edition a few years ago. Looking back now, it seems like the motivation and inspiration behind its conception is even more poignant in today’s world. “I wanted to create a sculpture that showed that mankind and the natural world can live in balance and harmony as equals. Nature has never taken from us, yet we have exploited nature’s generosity.

“The piece features one of my ever-popular hummingbirds. I use these a lot in my work and see them as one of the most delicate and beautiful things in nature. For me, this hummingbird symbolises how fragile the natural world is – yet with some hard work, we can fix things. “The idea of fixing things is represented by the arm reaching out to hold a single flower for the hummingbird to feed from. The arm itself is wrapped in a 3D cherry blossom tattoo, which links the sculpture to my ongoing Modern Relics collection.” Read more about the Modern Relics series on our blog.

When All Is Equal Polished Stainless Steel with Black Granite Base | Edition of 95 Sculpture size 290(H) x 350(W) x 175(D)mm £2,950



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