Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Billy Schenck Taking us on a journey to the Wild West, Billy Schenck , also known as the ‘granddaddy’ of western art, returns with three new limited edition prints for spring 2021. Billy faced adversity early in 2020 after suffering a heart attack, but found that his recovery brought with it a new lease of life. All of a sudden, he had more energy than he had enjoyed for some time, and rediscovered his ability to walk and paint

endlessly. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, lockdown set in and Billy needed to find new ways to channel his newfound drive. Watching classic western movies almost daily, and exploring work by other artists both living and deceased, meant that inspiration was readily at hand. In fact, Billy told us: “I suddenly found I had new ideas and themes that I couldn’t keep up with.” “This piece is about a real-life Mexican rancher who lived in South Texas, very close to the border with Mexico. The local sheriff came by Gregorio Cortez’s home in June 1901 to ask him about a stolen horse. After a misunderstanding, guns were drawn and Gregorio’s brother and the sheriff were shot dead. A 600-strong posse of Texas Rangers chased and eventually captured Gregorio, who had made national news and became a folk hero in both Mexico and the USA. “In 1982, Hollywood made a movie called The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez , shot in New Mexico, which I have watched many times. I created a late dusk in the background as many of Gregorio’s escapes occurred at dusk or night, when he could once again slip away unseen, but I did take artistic license in placing a saguaro cactus in the painting, as they are mostly found in southern Arizona. “Gregorio Cortez is a hero to me. I strongly identify with outlaws, having been one myself many years ago. There’s an old rock ‘n’ roll song performed by the Bobby Fuller Four called ‘I Fought the Law’ (1966), and I have always identified with that song too.” LEGEND OF GREGORIO CORTEZ

Legend Of Gregorio Cortez Silkscreen on Coventry Rag 300gsm Paper | Edition of 80 Image size 66.5cm x 86cm | Framed Size 91cm x 114cm £1,950 Framed



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