Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Emma-Leone Palmer LET THERE BE LIGHT

video for our 5 Questions With YouTube series, they are also deeply personal, exposing “little pieces” of herself. “Some are created in times of desperation and feeling lost, some with a rippling sensuality, some whilst I dance with music and fun pulsing in my veins,” she says. “It’s representing your thoughts and feelings, confusions and energy – what you’re emitting, and also what you’re receiving. I want to create paintings that make people just stop and think, so they can feel what they need to feel.” Exploring the cinematographic potential of working with low-frequency electricity, Emma photographs in complete darkness and allows her subjects to interact organically with pliable lighting strips and neon wires. She then uses the reference photography while painting the original works in oils on large-scale canvasses. “It’s all about how light touches the surface of the skin,” she adds, with a glint in her eye. “The sensation, the intimacy of those points of connection. Night is the time for lovers and adventures, a time for magic.”

Emma-Leone Palmer is an artist with a goal. “I’m looking forward to conquering everywhere,” she tells us whilst signing the new artworks from her Afterglow collection at Castle HQ. “I’ve never doubted it would happen, just because that’s the one thing I’ve been aiming to do since I was a little girl.” This determination has taken Emma from an aspiring painter who once envisaged having her work in our Guildford high street gallery to an award-winning artist who has painted at the great Raphael’s studio in Italy, appeared as a contestant on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year and won the acclaim of celebrities including the interior design expert Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The latest chapter of her story includes her first- ever limited edition prints, which are now available online and in galleries nationwide. Named after moons – which have been linked to madness and the occult – these figurative artworks use light as an allegory for connection and energy. As she revealed during the filming of our exclusive Q&A

“I’m excited that we can offer a different size to people. Not everybody can have a really big ‘Emma - Leone Palmer’ on their wall!”

Cyllene Hand-Varnished Canvas on Board | Edition of 95 Image size 63.5cm x 91cm | Framed Size 84cm x 112cm £895 Framed



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